Is Higher Education Worth It? Rev. Run Told Angela Simmons No.

March 26th, 2010


Rev. Run recently made a statement that is causing a bit of a debate within Hip-Hop. In an interview with, Rev said that he advised his daughter Angela not to finish college right now. He said, “Never, I don’t discourage nobody in my house. This is an entertainment house. My daughter Angela was in college, she was like, ‘Daddy, I don’t know what to do, I’m getting straight A’s in college, but Pastries is taking off.’ I’m like, ‘Peace college, go take your butt down to the sneaker office and go get that paper…that’s your college… We’ll get back to [school], Pastries is doing millions.’”

He goes on to disclose that he was in college when Run-DMC took off, and that he decided to put his college plans on hold to pursue his rap dreams. Well, it seems like Rev made the right decision, for him. The problem with what he said is not his decision to leave school or to tell his daughter to leave school. The problem is how the context of his quote will be interpreted by Hip-Hop fans across the world.

No, college isn’t for everybody. And it can be extremely costly. But how many kids today are going to have the same opportunities that his children have? Yes, Pastries took off and is “doing millions.” But maybe that has something to do with a television show, a celebrity endorsement, having the money (or more money than most) that it takes to start a business, or an uncle with years of experience and a wealth of contacts in that industry already. When said to his daughter in the privacy of their own home, it could very well be the right advice. But when it’s put out there to the masses, it discredits the value of higher education. And some people go to college to get just that, an education. At a time like this, do we really want to discourage that?

What do you think about his comments? Do you have aspirations to go to college? Do Rev. Run’s comments make you think differently? Or, if you’ve gone to college, do they make you regret it?


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