Ruben Jumping The Broom?

Published by Marcus Vanderberg on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 at 12:34 pm.

Ruben Studdard

Second-season American Idol champ Ruben Studdard, 29, apparently is altar bound. reports that he and fiancée Surata Zuri McCants, 30, obtained a marriage license Monday in Alabama.

The two arrived at the Shelby County Probate Office in Birmingham just before noon, filled out the paperwork and walked away with their license, an eyewitness said. “They looked really happy,” the eyewitness was quoted as saying on the website.

Well, duh.

What kind of sign would that be if either of them looked sad?

No word yet on a wedding date but Alabama marriage licenses are valid for 30 days.

Wonder if rotund Ruben will serenade Surata during the ceremony.

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des Said on

hi i just what to say that i enjoy the bet awards everybody was great, but al green AND THAT 504 BOY REPRESENTING THE BOOT LIL WAYNE AND CONGRATS i always have loved men from NEW ORLEANS i just live 45 min to an hour from it oh LIL WAYNE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE POST OFFICE CLUB IN HOUMA, LA FOR JUVENILE’S CONCERT


Quenesha Said on

Congrats Ruben. I’m married too. It will be two years next month. When it good its good and when its bad its bad. I guess thats with every relationship. I know that its worth the ups and downs. It’s wonderful to be married to someone you love and someone that loves you through thick and thin no matter what.

lala Said on

First-off best wish on your nuptials. Ruben I am one of your biggest fans from american idol til now. But I honestly have to ask when are you going to step up your game. I along with other call’d your america teddy bear. You are a Gerald Levert to me. I know you not him.But there is a empty spot in the industry that really needs to be fill’d. I truly believe its you. Good luck on your marriage and all things that you do!

Jimmy Said on

I heard him on the radio “in a minute”.

bade Said on

congrats it’s worth it.Hope it tells on your music too.

Spook Said on

So, who is the lucking drag queen Ruben?

diva Said on


sweek kay Said on

Ruben ur the best…love your voice, u are truly blessed!!!!

Maliria Said on

Hey boo u is sexy

Donnette Said on

I still Love you Ruben,to tell you the truth i was hoping we would of gotten married, but i guess i’ll move on, you all be blessed. You’re still my big velvet teddy bear.

marcella Said on


Wayne Carter Said on


Essie Rerun Berry Said on

Ruben Congrats to you and may your life be reach and full of life( Rerun Berry

Fergaliscious/Eletha Said on

Yo go boy!! Congratulations,on the marriage. I hope you’ll lots of happiness.You will always be my favorite teddy bear. I’ll love you always.

Nickey Said on

May God bless you and your new bride. I wish you the best in everything that you do.

sammy Said on

So sweet couple, i heard that they met on a tall dating site ” ___Tallmingle.com___ “,really? maybe it is true,i saw their hot photos on that site many times.

CarlettaBethea Said on

Ruben Congrats to you and wife to be. I think you are very handsome and has a nice voice. If you didn’t know I was your biggest American Idol fan.
I would watch the show every Tuesday night just to hear you sing. I was the one who voted for you five time in a row just so you can win. Why not me? lol……

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