Beyonce “Obsessed” With Idris Elba

Published by Marcus Vanderberg on Friday, June 27, 2008 at 2:59 pm.

Lucky, witch.

Beyonce, Idris Elba

I wonder where Jigga was… Probably getting a bikini wax… Yes, a bikini wax!

This week’s US Weekly mag reports Diddy and Jay, among other dudes, are following in their lady’s footsteps and going bald.

Jay-Z says, “You look bigger; girls are more willing to do naughty things to you.”


Beyonce, Idris Elba

Beyonce and Idris Elba were on set filming scenes for their up coming movie Obsessed. Elba will play an asset manager who has a knockout wife (Knowles) and thriving career … until a temp office worker (white chic) begins stalking him.

Sniff. I smell a cat fight.


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Maya,the real chick Said on

Yall need to get a life and stop pickin on people,I dont believe Wat I see, beyonce wont do that to jay-z.U know they jus be puttin these pics up,cuz they dont have noffin better to do with their life…GET A LIFE!!

Andile Tenza Said on

yekani uBeyonce phansi nina zinja! ningamxhapheli

Bro Jay Said on

That piucture is so stupid above I can’t help but laugh, that a white lady
he’s kissing above….

smh Said on

people always hating but beyonce is laughing all the way to the bank. she is #4 on forbes and killing your favorite artist that’s for sure.

whatever Said on

my comments wont show but all i said is that people need to stop hating on B.

smh Said on

b is laughing all the way to the bank.

WurldzPhynest Said on

That iz NOT Beyonce. i know she would b faithful n dat don’t even look like her. Dat Iz Solanger sum RandoM StRaNg3r!!!!!!

B iZ FaiThFuL


WurldzPhynest Said on

I Gu3ss iT iZ hA. OOOOOOOO w3ll. Jus a MoVi3!!!!!!!!!!!!

trinidad with love..... Said on

WAT>>>>De A$$ is this ? Beyonce :( is dat really you? Nah nah nah!!!! all up and comfortable look look lok….. lol…. tell me something beyonce ;when Mr Jay Z coming to Trinidad….

Essie Rerun Berry Said on

obama fan Said on

I just dont see why everybody still hatin , grow up, step ur game up, and do somthing with ur life. We just made history with a new president and everybody still acting ignorant. We got bigger and better things to worry about.

jkill Said on

some ignorant self hating negro on these blogs said idris elba is ugly and he is black as elba has beautiful dark skin.might i suggest you read the ifrances cress wilsons book isis papers or dr joy degruy leary’s book post traumatic slave syndrome.learn to love your self and your people.stop thinking lighter skin somehow divine. peace

rnuybs skaflpo Said on

dtepa gsbr dkutse agflbrckh psalqexb yxsbqck eljx

Keyon Said on

I think Beyonce is gonna play a excellent role in this film. I want to ask the Director Why Jay-z Counldn’t play the role as the husband?

pplxrauqgta Said on

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alexis williams Said on

omg u really kissed that man and the movie this is the best movie i have seen in years honey

peace is for me to be still honey best believe me on this one beyonce knowles

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