Paris Bennett Is Knocked Up

Published by Marcus Vanderberg on Monday, June 30, 2008 at 3:03 pm.

Paris Bennett

While one ex-American Idol contestant was getting married this weekend, another was announcing her pregnancy.

Paris Bennett, the Season 5 contestant and granddaughter of R&B singer Ann Nesby, is reportedly pregnant and engaged to get married to a unidentified gentleman.

Why the hush on the baby daddy, “Princess Pregnancy?”

Her mother, Jamecia, is a little too excited about her 19-year-old baby getting knocked up:

“I’m proud of how she did it. I was 16 when I got pregnant.” 

Proud of how she did it? When did 19 become the new 30?

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pinkeyedtennisshoes Said on

Why is she on a BET site?

pinkeyedtennisshoes Said on

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pinkeyedtennisshoes Said on

Kim dulaney? is a paney

pinkeyedtennisshoes Said on

I had a duplicate message…They wouldn’t let it go through…

Aramanda Said on

When did it become cute to have a chid before getting married. i am 22 and if i was to have a child before i had a husband my parents would be very disappointed. At 19 you still have so much growing up to do and so much life to live.

ashleethompson Said on

Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine-Williams Brothers

toya Said on

Well i put it like this you never judge no one and that baby is a gift from god and mom yes be proud of your child no matter what mistakes they have made. Regardless we all need to stick together with support.

Tina Said on

I don’t care what any of the “you go girl” comments to this situation say, your daughter getting pregnant at 19 is NOT the American Dream! I don’t care how well she sings, she’s still young to be having a baby. Hope the baby is healthy, hope the marriage does happen and I wish her well.

danielle Said on

for all you idiots out there saying ” go head girl do you”… should take a look at the morals of this world. im not saying paris should be a shame of herself…but in my opinion she seemed like she would have made a better choice with her life..and get her career together than a child…the marriage isn’t going to last. but i think she will be a good mother to her child

nana Said on

how are you proud that ur daughter is pregnant at nineteen if that was me my ass wud have been torn up and i would not be here writing this comment.

toya Said on

its her life. her responsibility

TESSIA Said on



olounwa Said on

well said commentator.. its about time too!! it seems 19 yrs old and pregnant is the new 30!! … at least she is planning to marry her baby daddy… thats something…

ohmy Said on

I had a child at 19, engaged and married the father, but it was still a struggle and that is what we are forgetting. We struggle when we have children at a young age, our children struggle and suffer also. Famous or not, she may have the money for the child, but who will raise the child while she travels? The grandmother, that is not fair to the child or the grandmother, I don’t care how proud the grandmother is, it is not her responsibility to raise that child. If you all feel that life is such a gift then the parent should look at it as a gift and not give the gift away to its grandmother because Paris wants to continue pursuing her career. I chose to raise my child and not put the child off on my parents; my mother wanted me to leave the child with her, but I had him and so I raised him. I am still in school (online), have a well-paying job and a 4 bedroom house in the suburbs, but it still was a struggle and lots of sacrifices to get here, but I made it. It is nothing to be joyous about; especially when you have an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy; lots of things have to change, if I would have known what I know now. I would have chose to wait to have my 2 children (same father-I had to same that because we as black people will have different baby daddy’s). It may not be my business, but we should be truthfully about reality and the changes that will happen.

ohmy Said on

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