Beyonce To Discuss Marriage In Essence

Published by Marcus Vanderberg on Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at 1:31 pm.

Beyonce Cover

Beyonce is finally ready to come clean about her marriage to rapper Jay-Z in the latest issue of Essence magazine.

In an intimate interview with ESSENCE, megastar Beyoncé dishes on her new album, Jay-Z, and life in the spotlight. Costarring in two upcoming films, the psychological thriller “Obsessed” and “Cadillac Records,” where she’ll star as Etta James, the Queen B is preparing to dominate the box office and the music charts. The singer says her new album, coming in November, is her most personal to date. For the first time ever, she opens up to ESSENCE about paparazzi, the wedding, the rumored engagement ring, and what we all missed!

About time one of them came forward and discussed the marriage.

You can expect a lot of Beyonce in the news between now and the rest of the year.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Ms. Kris Said on

well, im a fan of beyonce’s work (musically!!!) but her acting skills are yet to be determined for me. i agree that she is only discussing her marriage now to add hype to her pending album release. i am anticipating the album as well as the other projects she’s worked on. she is talented none the less, and she is doing her thing, so she gets props from me.

lovehope25 Said on

I am so happy that Jay&Bee got married!!!! I think they are a beautiful couple
and can see how much they love each other. so people need to stop hating on them and be happy for them. they dont want to be like every other cleb couple we see in hollywood. (and they dont have be) they have always been private and they have been dating for six years thats longer then most cleb marriage and relationships anyway. we dont have that many black in love couples so we should be happy for one we have Black is beautiful and a blessing. may Jay&Bee have very blessed and happy love and marriage 4 years&years!!!!!!!!

JUICE Said on

Seriously, talent wise beyonce, is not one of the best out there alot of her albums have been below par to say the least and the things she talks about in her more commercial songs, do not really hit a nerve with me. She will always be put on a pedastal, but at the end of the day shes just like jayz,
overrated and ignorant. Not hating on the girl because she is pretty, and a good singer definitely, but to say she embraces her culture is farffetched if you see her in all these magazines shes made up to look as white as possible, she is no jill scott, india arie, erykah badu or even alicia keys, to me those are real inspirational black women, and for jayz he is far from a nas, common or mos def, those are the type of people we need in our community, not brainwashed lapdogs.

Ms. White Said on

Beyonce IS and HAS BEEN doing her thing…She got her man, her album, a good and strong family backbone, and a level head…oh, and she’s got GOD! If anything, we should be proud to have a strong, YOUNG, black woman out there doing her thing, making history. I love you, B. There will always be haters, somebody has got to to do it. Keep on…cause you’re doing SO GOOD!!!!

layla Said on

stop hatin haters beyonce backl and she sharing ut with a black mag stop hating on ur ppl is sad love u beyonce

Michelle Said on

I guess I dont understand why talk about it now??!! What has changed?? A new Album dropping maybe?? All publicity so yes, she is using her marriage to promote her career.

Pam Collier Said on

I am so tired of her. What is da big deal.

geneva brown Said on

Gone Beyonce do yo thang girl! If u want to tell about your marriage now to get some sells on your new album then DAts Whts up!!!! But if thats not the case dont worry about these haters b/c if they were in your place they would do the same thing!!! Gone Mrs. Carter!!!! (Bonnie and Clyde)

Honeybunzz Said on

Yes I am a fan of Bey, and all… and congrats to her marrying Jay. But I’m used to her having a thick and curvacious body. so my beef wit Bey is why is she still losing weight after the dreamgirls role? I thought it was just for the movie. Is there trouble in paradise…hope not. But she looks stressed and sick!!!!!! not 2 mention hungry on her latest b.e.t. appearance. Im not hating just concerned. Hopefully she will gain her weight back sooner than later. Hopefully Hollywood aint brainwashed her. I know other people have noticed too. HONEYBUNZZ

Tonya Said on

I’m glad someone else saw she can’t talk to save her life….IT IS PAINFUL!

Ieashia Said on

I am so tried of hearing Beyonce’s name she is o.k. but she is not the only one that is a celebrity. And there is a lot more woman in the business that is much more successful and better looking and that can sing better then her. So please Beyonce give someone else a chance to shine.

connie Said on

Y in da hell do all of these haters are hating on her. so what she’s not the best singer. But, neither is Ashanti she can’t sing nor dance not even act. Beyonce has talent just like everyone else in the industry. so what shes not a jill scott, alicia keys, jennifer hudson. everyone is different. so you can’t knock her for that. At least shes not jockin nobody shes just being her. and leashia girl please get a clue if you could sing Y I don’t see your ass making an album nor video or air play so girl boo.

Nicasmarie Said on

I do not buy, nor do I listen to Beyounce’s music. If she did not shake her ass and do all kinds of sexual things in videos and on stage, most people would not think, she is TALENTED. Her purchased long blonde hair and skin is what attact people to this TRICK. When celebs want to make money off the public, then they want to give some inside information. Everybody knows she married, the ugly nasty rapper, who has no respect for women. He is disgusting and so is she. You ghetto clickers out there, you love her, because you all are uneducated, and stupid. Get job.

b4bygurl Said on

For all yall Beoncye haters leave B alone and allow her to make her bread. shes a very private classy chick that keeps to herself. You never hear anything bad about ms. carter. let her do her thing. she is sasha fierce

MissJrTopModel Said on

Man all y’all need JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wabillah Said on

they suck….for hiding their relationship and their secret wedding

d.c. Said on

Beyonce is very talented. May God bless her and keep her.

meme Said on

bottom line is with all the people who worked as hard or harder who have actual talent dont get recognized im a songwriter and a singer and its not bout being on top its a form of expression, if putting a ringon it is the only way she can express herself lets admit she is a little off people must understannd the media is all a game there mission is to expose these poker face celebritys and might i add im pretty sure a normal person like ourselves here leaving messages cant even come within twenty feet of her and her entourage witty people dont need to be everywhere they just need to be somewhere prefably singing there heart out( by the way did anyone notice that alicia has more grammys and she always been a solo artists anyway for anyone to say its hatin just listen to etta james gladys patti or even who she thinks she is tina above all the glitz and glam talent is the keysoul music has power pop music has beats (how bout we encourage her to put some clothes on it u got money for a ring u got money for clothes my blacks sisters shaking your ass is not the answer read listen learn. …..

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