Table Game Tight

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 1:17 pm.


Newlyweds Jay-Z and Beyonce shelled out $70,000 for a new table to furnish their apartment, which is located in Manhattan in the Tribeca neighborhood. The table is 9-feet long, 800 pound bronze and wood, and they got it from the Hudson Furniture boutique.

Can we get a dinner invite?

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peter Said on

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Jesseihero Said on

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kerine Said on

sexyness all the way

T-Dog Said on

Forget the table! Look at what he’s covering! however, those two are practical jokers when it comes down to it. That’s probably a small pillow under there knowing them…….

sweets Said on

i bet beyonce baby is going to be real cute if she even has a baby.

randi26 Said on

I think they are such a beautiful couple but ain’t it a bit much to want to know how much money they spend?!?

biggs Said on

wow can we eat at it

biggs Said on


karlene Said on

why not it its their money

Brandi Turner Said on

I agree with T-dog.Forget about tables.She looks a little puffy to me.His hands couldn’t cove that up. She was probably playing for the cameras anyway.You know how she likes to play around.I wouldn’t blame her.Her baby would be cute, if she every has one.I don’t think that she will.I don’t think Jay-Z is ready for that. I LOVE BEYONCE AND HER MUSIC ANYWAY!
I think she should keep doing what she is doing.SHE IS A REAL DIVA!!!!!!!!

patrice Said on

If she is i think it’s a good thing that they are going to have a baby who else they going to give all that money to

patrice Said on

i’M Happy for them they doing they thing

mississipigirloflove Said on

im young and beyonce and jay z are just so uniqe together some of my friends say at schol that they dont know why beyonce my role model married jayz because he is ugly and i tell them that it is not about the looks its about his personality the way he treats her and if they did have a baby it would be so cute and she is not about money she does great things for her home town she even opened up a center called knowles rowland center and that is a very great start. She also comes to concerts and sings her heart out so well

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