Thuggish, Ruggish

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 at 7:57 pm.


Former Bone Thugs-n-Harmony star, Bizzy Bone, was beaten and robbed in Los Angeles last Monday, reports the

Bizzy Bone, real name Byron McCane, was on his way to the Universal Hilton hotel after leaving a restaurant when a gang of males and females jumped out and begin choking him. They then proceeded to confiscate all his jewelry.

No additional information concerning Bizzy Bone’s condition has been released.

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lilypie Said on

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coolsteph Said on

Hummm… not too impressed with this news blog here. You guys need some real news up here like an up and coming artist that’s making things happen.

I’m really feeling this new guy named LeMarvin. I got to hear some of his music the other day and I was very impressed. You should check out that, not this bortha up here and his problems.

babylove Said on

Its sad news but they should have left him alone so I guess they were jealous because he had all that ice.

lanesia Said on

Man was minding his own buisness…
Jealousy is a nasty disease…
People are beyond pathetic these days…

nikki Said on

wel i guez he need 2 move outa cali lol

hana Said on

**dats superr chilldishh man!
whyy da fck ould daaa wana do bizz like dat tho!
ugh! haterS now-a-dayss!**

IsysSs Said on

Yall’ lets just pray for Bryon’s safety, and pray that he delivers from this childish like act of another lost soul.

I hope he forgives, shake that dust and turn the cheek, and continue to make music so beautifully as he do.

GOD will make all his enemies his footstool.

Ra'na Said on


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