Ruben Studdard Strapped For Cash?

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 5:52 pm.

ruben.jpg Please buy Ruben Studdard’s next album.

Looks like he may need the cash (or a stimulus package?), and not just because he was dropped from his label back in ‘07.

 Like other fellow American Idol alums, the Velvet Teddy Bear owes $254,119 in state and federal taxes.

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Highly blessed and favored Said on

I pray for Ruben and his family, and Jesus is your economy no matter how bad it seems. Love covers a multitude of faults, and remember Agape love is never ending so be blessed and always prayer for your brothers and sisters not matter what transgressions come upon each other. Our main concern should be preparing ourselves to get to Heaven and make sure you are baptized in JESUS name and filled with the Holy Spirit (Read St, John 2-6, Acts 2:1-4; Ch. 2:38), you will have no need to gossip or judge anyone for their mistakes. God bless!

Myra Said on

All Reuben has to do now is get on I love money or The Biggest Loser show and make some money, he has to realize that there are all kinds of ways to get money he just has to look into it and get his own Reality Show I will watch it. Good Luck Reuben

Detroit, MI

Cop Said on

Although this story is a sad one to hear, it is odly typical of most new artisits. Most never truly try to learn the business & are more interested in being famous than they are trying to protect themselves. I can teach anyone the do’s & don’ts of the record business. Please feel free to ask any questions if you’re an up & coming artist.

Chuck Said on

Just hook him up with Rodney Jerkins so he can release a club banging #1 single and he will be fine. No one wants to hear slow, boring music anymore. It’s the truth. You can have one of the most beautiful voices in the world, such as (Brandy, India Arie, Jill Scott, etc) and hardly make any money. It’s all because they choose to send out music that’s boring and something you would want to listen to while cleaning your toilet. Come on entertainers…Beyonce is just taking over and people wonder why. Because I’m really happy when I listen to her music. I want to dance. I wake up feeling good. That’s why she will always get my money. As far as the other low rated artist that are amazing…(ahem..Brandy, India Arie, Carl Thomas)…Get out there and dance more and put out some fun, hot, upbeat music.

Ameenah Said on

First of all I’d like to give praise to such a great brother expecially who strives as well as does the best to his knowledge to do the right thing.

We all need some one to lean on and my prayers as well as admiration be with you forever and a day .
Better late than never Congrautionlation ON YOUR NEW BRIDE:)

Rubin please stay foucus and remembver god is the best judge


SONYA Said on

ruben is still young, he need to first find a regular job, gain track of his life, he also recently got married, he still can follow his dream, do the music thing on the side, go to a university and get a degree, there is a lot of options, but i do have one thing to say WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD RUBEN…AND GOOD LUCK BROTHER….

lanesia Said on

He better ask Fantasia for some advice, bekause she mannished to get her home outta foreclosure.

leisa Said on

Actually. the majority of the world is hurting right now. Not just well-known people. I agree with one of the responders. They didn’t give Ruben the spotlight like some of the other winners and non-winners of American Idol.
Let’s not be ugly (by naming calling) or rejoicing in someone else’s pain.
It’s always a good idea to invest your money, but if you haven’t notice the stock market isn’t doing too well either. We’re also losing money in 401k, which alot of people invest in for their retirement.

Please let’s be considered of other peoples circumstances.

Donna Said on

I’m sorry to hear that he is having money problems. Most of the entertainers that “strike it rich” overnight have no idea how to manage their money. It comes so fast and the life they lead is “glamorous”. Of course they can’t wait to live like the successful entertainers, big homes, too many cars, designer clothes and the bling.

Its too bad that American Idol doesn’t give them some insight on the life they are headed for or even recommend good managers to help guide them. Remember what happened to Will Smith and his first milliion.

I wish him luck and hope he comes through alright.

Tessa Said on

Media can be misleading. Negative eyes, see negative things. The article didn’t say he was broke, and it didn’t say he DID need money. It stated that he MAY need money. Just because he owes a lot in taxes, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the money to pay them. A comment early said he should have invested…how do we know that he didn’t? Seeing that all your houses are made of glass, you should see clearer…and stop throwing stones.

needee Said on

Who is not strapped for cash nowadays??? I know that Mr. Studdard will be alright! He has a voice that was sent from heaven and he has some insight into the entertainment industry. Someone will offer him some advice and I know that with his talent a record label will pick him up again soon!! Let’s uplift him in prayer just as we have to do to each other in these trying times. Let us not tear each other down. May the God of Peace and Understanding grant you the stability and wisdom that you need so that you may feed yourself and your family.

P.S. God Bless everyone reading this and may God grant each one of you peace, health and prosperity.

m.j.hampton Said on

I think Ruben needs marketing.This brother is to talented not to get sales.We don’t Have Luther anymore,that space needs to be filled. Or continue to sing for the Lord (Gospel Music) I will support my brother & pray for us all.

Niecie Said on

For all of you on here that had something negative to say about Reuben, please put yourself in his shoes. What if this was you and someone said, “HA, that’s what his/her stupid azz gets!” How would you feel then? Not good I’m sure, but yet, here you are talking about his fat azz this and dumb azz that. What kind of people are you? I just don’t get it. When did others misfortune start making others feel better about themselves?
I hope that Reuben makes a comeback and hopefully finds the money to settle his tax debts. I work in bankruptcy law and I can tell you, it is no fun when the government is on your azz. Take care Reuben. Keep praying.

meme Said on

What a fat pig! his music sucks, he sucks, and him and his pig of a brother need to go get a job now. oh well, i hope i see him begging for change somewhere. not to worry his fat heart will explode soon enough. oh and one more thing someone should have thrown him a beach towel to wipe the sweat off his fat face the other night.

pimpc Said on

This is just lazy reporting…this story was from last year. Big Rub paid his taxes. He just had someone on his team that wasn’t keeping the books up. They have since been fired. Definitely buy the album, but he ain’t hurting for nothin’. Holla

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