Dennis Rodman Fouled Out?

Published by Carrie Blackshaw on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 1:12 am.


Contributor: Carrie Blackshaw

So the ex-NBA freakshow and recent Celebrity Apprentice contestant has gotten the boot.

And we ain’t talking about from a TV show.

Get this: Dennis Rodman was asked to leave the London Hotel in West Hollywood because he allegedly (it’s always allegedly, right?) slapped and groped some female guests. He also apparently yelled a number of obsenities and made children cry (well …).

A staffer told TMZ that he was “the most obscene and out of control guest I’ve ever seen up here.”

Is anyone really shocked though? And is homeboy getting some help? We saw how many vodkas and cranberry mixes he was knocking back on the reality show, right? Let us pray.

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keisha Said on

Where Black professionals connect!

Sissy Said on

ImJustSaying Said on

I like Dennis. just hope he gets the help he needs.. ;-((

david Said on

Dennis has the face that makes babies cry

angleeyes Said on

He need to sit his ugly ass down asap.

jane Said on

well one day he will open his eyes and realize he has made himself a freak show. i just hope that day comes soon. but dennis how rude for you to do that…. your an old man now, just go and do what others before have already done. right a book and grow up. it’s not funny anymore, it’s just sad. sorry but i have to be honest with the man.

jane Said on

write a book not right a book lol

LadyofWisdom Said on

He should be ashamed of himself as a man, making those children cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He does not have a heart, apparently!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pennie Said on

angleeyes.. you are sooooooo right sit your ugly ass down. we told OJ to sit but he didnt listen, now we are telling you sit your asssssssssssssss down it is about time.

hehehehee Said on

Is that a pee stain?????…..whewwwww I’m hollerin’ …he sad

joyyy Said on

dennis is harmless.. hi brain is just fried.

V.Ragland Said on

God bless Dennis, he is a good guy harmless da.

DarQuita Said on

That’s what he gets for sleeping with those white chicks!!!!

ebaby Said on

Dennis always doin Dumb shyt! He dont care how he get long as he gets it FOOL!

Lizzyb Said on

What is that stain on his pants, it is not cute, he trying to get his youth back, too late, grow up you old dog

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