Did Iman Diss Michelle Obama?

Published by Runteldat on Monday, May 18, 2009 at 12:00 am.


Contributor: Runteldat

A few of President and Mrs. Obama’s eager supporters are a bit riled up over comments supermodel Iman made in her interview with Parade magazine.

What’s got them ready to kick Iman out of the race?


‘Mrs. Obama is not a great beauty,” Iman says, startling me a bit. “But she is so interesting looking and so bright. That will always take you farther. When you’re a great beauty, it’s always downhill for you. If you’re someone like Mrs. Obama, you just get better with age.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong here, but Iman is essentially saying that while Michelle is no “great beauty,” she’s intelligent and that’s what matters most because beauty fades.

Why are people offended that a person who’s built a career on the superficial acknowledging that beauty fades and intelligence will get you much further?

A person who herself has acknowledged that she’s “average” in comparison to the woman from her home country of Somalia.

I like President Obama and the First Lady as much as the next person, but some people to act like he’s the Jesus Remix and that Michelle ought to be treated like her name is Our Lady of Southside Chicago.

It’s becoming oddly similiar to the Bush zealots of yesteryears. I doubt Michelle Obama even cares.

Iman could have kept that to herself, but do you feel what she said is insulting?

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unknown Said on

@SerenityMuszing ….I agree with you except for the choice in mates. Always loved me some David Bowie. The only thing I like about Iman is her husband.

mesha Said on

Jealousy always shows,Michelle compared to iman:there is absolutely no doubt that iman renders such weak emotion.
however both women have achieve great things but in my perspective Michelle’s credentials and incumbency is stratospheric in our society today and would always be.
In a few years from now lets say twenty yrs through any evalution whether trivial or supersignificant if individuals are questioned as to who both these two women are,in no doubt would one be able to identify the significance of michelle to our society on the other hand if asked to identify iman i am not so sure over two percent of the demographics would be able to effectively say who iman is.
So i guess iman is correct in a way she did not even notice,she[iman] soon amounts to nothing at all in a society sooo obsessed with the aesthetic characteristics of an individual whereby Michelle goes down in history no matter what stratification of societal views you concur with.
You know why because even if michelle might not have IT! according to iman,whatever Michelle flaunts; it sure does make her radiate to an untouchable degree that we can never ever deny the assets this woman possess and carries with grace as a sister i am overtly happy for Michelle because i am so aware of how difficult it is to diligently strive for intelligence keep it up all the smart sisters out there,it makes you so much more attractive in cohesion with the best you got from the creator.
On the other hand i am offended though i am not Michelle this is uncalled for thus iman who is not even average without makeup is making such opinion known come on now!

meu Said on

well every one has a different taste and some time it seems everyone cannot accept that fact.

Iman shouldnt say that in public, that showed her stupid and ugly woman side.
Beautiful woman shouldnt complain other peoples look in the PUBLIC.
TPO, woman, she needs to realize this.
KEEP it in her inside.

Msgoodbody2007 Said on

Michelle is beautiful! She certainly looks better than Iman!

Msgoodbody2007 Said on

Michelle has the complete package. Gorgeous bronze skin, swinging hair, bangin’ sexy body, smart and a Harvard graduate. She has beautiful family including two pretty daughters. And guess what? Her husband is the president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Iman if that is not beauty…I am wondering who brainwashed you. Iman, are you jealous of Michelle?

Toni Said on

Michelle is beautiful! Just because she isn’t what Iman thinks is beautiful doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful. Iman in my eyes isn’t that cute. She could have stated that a little better than she did. But everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

sheppie Said on

Iman is an idiot. she and billy should go back to somalia and stay there with her fake afrikan self.

She is lucky she ever got a modeling contract, and she’s got WAY more wrinkles and lines than Dr. Obama does. she’s also smarter, obviously.

I am never going to buy her goo, aka makeup again. My freinds and I are also having a “toss Iman’s crap” party to get rid of and bring attention to the fact that Iman has ALWAYS considered herself “apart:” from people of color except to sell her garbage. I hope her company fails.

Quanique.j Said on

When will we as a species learn to evolve? I suggest we should pay close attention to what we can do and learn, not what we wear and how we look. This is why I pity us at times. We are sooooo behind. Our minds can dream of what we think is the impossible, but yet we stale in our advancements over unimportant matters. It didn’t make sense for Iman to mention what she thinks about Michelle’s facial appearance. It just didn’t make sense! Does this mean Iman is the type of women you meet for the first time and she is deciding if your ugly or pretty when she is walking up to greet you?

Yala Said on

I would like to know if the reporter asked Iman this or did she just say this?

If the reporter asked her I’d like for all of us Beautiful Black Women to turn the table an begin to speak on each of lady’s beauty.

As black women we need to learn to (recognize who sets us up to work against one another) and (who benefits from such behaviors)…

Every race of people have a strong network that unites them…

So, if you think that the hispanics are not proud of Obamas selection of
and are watching carefully to ensure that she succeeds; we had better all think again.

OMG Mitchell is absolutely Beautifu!
Iman’s comments were ugly…But she too is a BBW Beautiful Black Woman!
I am also a BBW
And if you are reading my comment and you are black I’d bet that you too are a Beautiful Black Woman!

Let’s move on, we need to be helping people save their homes, find jobs, get insurance, books in our schools from all the money that goverment can’f find etc….C’mon work with a Sista….

Michelle’s Beauty is no crises, but all the other stuff that is going on is…

Be careful who sets you up!

cool Said on

Michelle’s not cute, the make-up and the money makes her better then she did before she became the first lady, look better then the other first lady, but we all are god’s children. But Michelle do think she is a model, and not a first lady, people is just thanking this first lady to race. Michelle need to act like she the first lady and not her husband, she is doing to much.

caroline Said on

Michelle Obama is gorgeous! She is a wonderful role model for all of the
tweens and teens of any race. She is an accomplished woman in her own
right and knows how to stand by and with her man. As for “Cool”, he or
she needs to have some of Mrs. Obama’s expertise and savoir faire and
learn how to spell, punctuate and write correct grammar if he or she wants
to talk about someone in such a denigrating way. I think Iman let the
apparently European reporter set her up. You know how “they” always send
one black out to “get ” another black (e.g., Michael Steele). I am sorry Iman
fell into that trap; yet she did, and she stepped-in with “eyes wide shut”.
To me, the first lady has that “je ne sais quoi”–that special something (I
translated for “Cool’s sake!!!).

Texas Said on

You just cannot please people. The other first ladies did nothing. Now we have a first lady that is involved, now she is doing to much. Leave Michelle Obama along. Regardless of how she looks she is recognize more than any of us on this blog will ever be.


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Joseph Said on

Iman said nothing wrong, derogatory or unflattering … simply put, what Iman did say was that Michelle Obama’s physical beauty is not her greatest asset and I’m sure that as fine as Michelle Obama is, she recognizes that fact (otherwise, she may have gone into the modeling business as Iman, Tyra and others who profit(ed) from their looks … not to say that Michelle is not fine, because she is … but her intelliegence is what makes her beauty far above others … Iman never said that Michelle wasn’t good looking, just that she’s no “great” beauty and she was referring to her physical beauty … Michelle’s inner beauty and intellect will continue to sharpen long after the physical fades … but I tell you, there are some fine senior citizen women too …

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mom Said on

when will we be just happy for one another and not try to be alone at the top,it gets pretty lonely up there.Iman may have been misquoted or not either way we have to be proud and happy to be represented by Michelle Obama and her entire family.As for that person that said that she is doing too much,what were you thinking.Do you want Omarosa Marigault Stallsworth representing black women,if so you must not be a proud black person.Gone are the days of being represented as the hips rolling video “hos” Hallelujah.Rejoice in the new days.

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Jerria Said on

Well everyone is entitled to an opinion. Opinions only means something to the person that voices it. But as my mother would say, “It’s your opinion and you can have”. Iman you can have it.