Yet Another Model Girlfriend for Russell Simmons

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 at 3:00 pm.


Russell Simmons sure is keeping busy in his old age! While his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons has been laying low being a new mom, Russell has been keeping a steady rotation of girlfriends on his arm. At least he keeps it pretty consistent: the 51-year-old rap mogul, who was just dating 23-year-old grapefruit heiress/swimsuit model Julie Henderson has now moved on to a new arm piece: 29-year-old French model Noemie Lenoir (you may recognize her from the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalouges and several Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues).

Lenoir is recently divorced from soccer player Claude Makelele;  the two have a 4-year-old son (I can already smell a Brady Bunch-style MTV reality show if her tryst with Uncle Russie actually lasts longer than a month).

The new couple was caught locking lips for all the world (and paparazzi) to see, outside of Mr. West nightclub in New York last week, verifying the previous rumors that they were an item.

I’m not really sure how this man keeps pulling all of these model chicks (four guesses: money, money, money, money), but I guess he still knows how to spot talent.

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TIARA Said on


nicole Said on

Who really cares! Life is too short and tomorrow is not promise let him enjoy “HIS” life!

iiirene Said on

It is wrong for a man have a rich woman or a woman have a wealthy man?

It is an absolutely extramarital relationship. but more and more services come out on Internet focusing on this kind of relationship.

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platinum lips Said on

2 thumbs up! Just live ur life…

marilyn0791 Said on

well im tired of all the black men forgetting where they came from………..a real proud black man will make way for a real black woman…….and we have alot of black women out here who got it going on.

Chol`e Said on

I think russell is just doing his thing. I am glad he divoiced kimora she didn’t respect him noe deserved him. Yes, she was a rich young model when they met, but he mold her into the business adventure. Russell may not have had the height, but he look handsome compared to the african model kimora is involved with or married too. Plus russell is a wise man and I believe he is happy enjoying his life. Life is to short and you can only live it once. So I say enjoy yourself Russell.

Andrew Shawe Said on

On behalf of myself I think Russell has requirements like any other normal man has when looking for that ideal lovely lady. And, if she appears to fit the category why not give her a shot at the title. Like stated in the above life is too short and its imperative that one finds that right women to grow old with as soon as possible especially when your middle age and you feel a women under your wing will complete your life.

Deedivah Said on

Russell is GROWN..and he has that right to date whomever he pleases. His ex-wife has another baby by another man she was probably messing around with while married to Russell. Report something on her and leave him alone.

Fire1963 Said on

Russell is a free and smart man let hm enjoy his life untl he find Ms right to fulfill what he looking for in a real woman who respect him. dont thnk his EX was good to hm. To GETTO around the mouth. we’ll see how long that AFRICAN stuff last. You go Russell.