LaToya Jackson to Release Michael Tribute Single

Published by Dior Noir on Thursday, July 16, 2009 at 3:00 pm.


As the world continues to pay homage to Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson will be releasing a single which is being billed as a tribute to her late brother.  The song, titled “Home,” was originally recorded for LaToya’s  album Startin’ Over in 2002 and is now scheduled to go to iTunes on July 28th.

First Joe Jackson Records and now this?  As much as I want to believe that LaToya is putting forth a genuine effort to honor her brother it honestly just seems like she’s trying to revive a career that never was. I mean really, when is the last time you heard a LaToya Jackson song (can you even remember one?) and now all of the sudden she’s recycling an old track from an album that was delayed for several years before the label gave up on releasing it, all in the name of Michael?  It all just seems a little too convenient (to be fair the proceeds from the single are reportedly going to Michael’s favorite charities).

In “Home” LaToya fondly recalls childhood memories of the Jackson family which is also curious to me considering the 1991 tell-all book La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family in which she bashes her father and blasts personal details of her siblings lives (the family has long denied all her allegations). Of course that controversial book was also released around the same time as LaToya’s album, No Relations.

I smell an opportunist, but no matter what LaToya’s motives are, when I heard the song I could see why it’s been sitting on a shelf since it was recorded years ago.  She should really leave the singing (“tribute” and otherwise) to Janet.

Listen to the single for yourself here. Are you feeling it?

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Tiffany Said on

I mean, as much as this seems like a opportunity for LeToya to try to cash in her brother (like the family isn’t shy from doing), we do still have to remember that, Mike IS her brother. She still did lose someone out this whole thing, I mean, her releasing a song isn’t going to make me go by an album, but I will listen to the song. I’m personally not a fan of hers, but I just feel like us still putting judgement on the family isn’t what MJ would’ve wanted

TheUniversalLoveofLaToya Said on

HOME is a beautiful song and a fitting tribute for La Toya to release in honor of her brother. Stay strong, sister!!

The Universal Love of LaToya

McBrewster Said on

LaToya can grieve and pay tribute how ever she likes! I think the song is beautiful!

nanita Said on

This article hits the nail right on the head! I take my hat off to the author; I also smell an opportunist. And you’re right again, the Latoya record should definitely stay on the shelf!

jonise rivers Said on

I love mj he was cool and i love his song

janet Said on

give it to janet jackson she can do it batter

alexis998 Said on

janet jackon was so mad at the bet awards

kc Said on

Not feeling it. I will continue supporting MJ by buying HIS music, videos, and other things that directly benefit his estate. This is not one of those things. He has already designated money for charities. Not buying it but she has the right to express herself. It is definitely opportunistic….Paid interviews, now a single. I wish the media and hangers-on could just let this man rest in peace with proper honor.

al0f0ke Said on

good michael jackson is in dog ese mmguvaso

Rico Said on

I think the song is beautiful. If Janet were to release it no one would be “smelling” an opportunist. Give Toy a break. She just lost her brother and wants to pay tribute to him in song. Mike lived and died in a show biz family and it is a fitting tribute to his and the family legacy.

badangel Said on

i <3 MICHEAL JACKSON i wish he had never died [= (:

adrianna Said on

Michael Jackson was and is the greatest solo artist of all tmes, he will
alway’s live in my heart.

Sicerely: Adrianna

Libsta81 Said on

This song is beautiful. I heard it back in 2003 and it was good then…still is now. Its nice of her to donate proceeds to charity too.

unknown Said on


Latoya sucks! She needs to sit her crazy ass down!!

Jennifer M Said on

Although I am not that fond of Latoya and her past antics, I do believe she has the right to mourn in whatever fashion she chooses. Plus, the song is very beautiful.

Anne Said on

Just have to say that I don’t care for LaToya’s little voice regardless of her intentions. Janet could have done a little better but I think Jermaine is the strongest vocalist now that Michael is gone. I miss Michael but I still can’t sit through an entire LaToya song.

ms love Said on

Beauftiful words to the song, Latoya has fond memeories of her Brother, wow i just imagine this family pain their going through. we can NEVER get use to a love one passing. Micheal will forever be missed by his family, collegues, his dearest friends. and especially his Fans.

R&B Guru Said on

Beautiful song but I can’t help but feel LaToya’s probably doing it for publicity. She’s always been a bit extreme around Michael and with her new album coming soon, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s trying to promote her own career here.

R&B Guru of R&B Haven and Soul Of R&B

Dianna Said on

I enjoy your song HOME, I can tell this came from the heart and i love the picture of you and Michael on the front. I also have a brother name Michael and he is my younger brother aswell and I would not know what to do with myself if he die. Keep doing what you are doing, and keep strong for Micheal KIDS they need the JACKSON FAMILY more than ever. Give them all the LOVE that you can, and make sure they know always that there DADDY Michael Jackson will always LOVE them no matter what people say or do. My younger kids lost there Daddy when they were 8,7 the only daddy they ever knew,and my daughter wrote him letters all the time it made her feel better so tell Paris its ok to write her Dad he’s looking down at her and lovin ever word she writes. Take care Jackson family ; I love you all