Bow Wow doesn’t like girls with short hair

Published by Runteldat on Friday, July 24, 2009 at 11:50 am.


Can someone pass around a memo to these celebrities that not all of us are victims of home schooling?

Yesterday pictures of Solange rocking a Florida Evans inspired hair cut hit the ‘net.

Hours later, Bow Wow tweeted the following:

F*** wrong wit all deez chix cuttn they hair wantn to be boyz n shit! yall gotta CUT that out! dnt wanna look at u and u lookn like me gnr

as artist aint we pose 2 stand out from 1 anotha and be creative? so y err female rnb singer falln behind the next wit dis bald s–t?

man deez chix losn they mine gnr they all look like they goin thru sumn. gnr they chix look fukn retarded wit dis bald s–t

Ladies if you gon shave ya head atleast my barber Bobby world give u dat tite a– hairline LOL! Stop joccin Amber not cute.

I must be getting old because I nearly went blind trying to decode that.

Anyway, we see a new photo of Solange’s hair cut. Hours later, Bow Wow tweets about a girl with a hair cut and accuses that person of trying to swagger jack Amber Rose.

Who else could he have been talking about?

As for the comments themselves, this is the same person whose lyrics have been mainly penned by Da Brat and Jermaine Dupri over the years and currently trying to rhyme like the child of Lil’ Wayne and T.I.

Why won’t he let Solange and her barber be great, ya’ll?

P.S. You can’t talk about people “going through something” when you just tweeted about problems yourself.

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Pages: « 1 2 [3] Said on

hi ilove you

Rhonda Said on

I don’t like Solange or her Sister so let them do wat thay want 2 do b/c sum 1 like me really doesn’t give a f**k u know !

Judaisha Said on

Yea but who asked HIM?! Did solange ask for his opionion?

Daja Said on

WHAT solangle didn’t ask Bowwow and why wood she i like her hair and wgo care what you saw if her fans like it and her man like it u don’t matter…

aleaceJordan Said on

First of all its real ignorant to say that he doesn’t like girls with short hair ! My hair is medium lenth but I’ve worn it short as fantasia’s ! Who cares if its short or long ! Long hair doesn’t define who u are as a person& most of these celebrities wear weave or wigs ! What’s the difference ! Solange is beautiful no matter what style she rocks ! Bow Wow is lame & needs to stay in his lane !

travis Said on


Autumn Said on

well if bow wow dosent like short hair, he dosent like short hair end of story.

Amanda D. Said on

Jason Hill, if no man likes a woman w/ the bald look, how do you explain Kanye West being w/ Amber Rose (who I think has a nice do)? Don’t generalize all dudes just b/c you (and others) are superficial and like long flowing weave & wig wearing women.

Ravenv Said on

There is nothing with wrong with women with short hair. As long as its not short enough to make you look like a dude.

marscell Said on

I got ta go wit bow wow on that 1 cuz she not tha type 2 wear nuthang lyk that n it dnt fit every woman I thnk that women need 2 keep their hair cuz sum of them are really startin 2 luk lyk dudes and that aunt gud at all

shay shay Said on

i think bow wow is right about the girls cutting there hair cuz they starting to look retarded cuz some of them just dont look right with a short hair cut

unknown Said on

True enough Solange’s haircut or lack thereof doesn’t become her,however Amber Rose(irrelevant as she may be)did not invent this hairstyle. Black women have been sporting this forever.

This reminds me of JLO and her butt. Black women have always had big butts,but it took some Latina to “make it popular/attractive”. *rolls eyes*

unknown Said on

On another note,BOW WOW needs to go back to school.

unknown Said on

On another note,BOW WOW needs an education.*sigh*

unknown Said on


Cocoa Brown Said on

I think EVERYONE’S problem with the style is NOT that it is TOO short but that it looks HOMEMADE. Solange it too pretty to be walking around with a HOMEMADE HAIRDO.

Empress Tori D Said on

Some of you all are so crazy! Fah real!! So you all are saying that it’s ok for her to add extensions in her hair and let it flow like a white woman, but it’s “messed up, ugly and unattractive” when she wears it natural life the African woman THAT SHE IS!!!! Y’all superficial little kids need to get a grip, grow up and learn your history, then come back and make an educated comment! Lastly, if BOW WOW is your role model, then that is far more “messed up, ugly and unattractive” than Solange’s hair do! Where are the real men at?? Stand up and say something!

LADYJ Said on

I was thinking about cutting my hair that short. But it is not a good look for everyone.And I agree with Cocoa Brown, it looks like she cut it herself. She should have gotten it lined up or something.

brooklyngurl Said on

he went live on this subject and specifically said that he was saying in general and wasn’t talking about Solange. this conversation was taken out of context n made into more than what it actually is which is someone stating a simple opinion

sasdg Said on

So the f*ck what Solange cut her hair!! I don’t see what the big deal is. I honestly think solange looks good with her hair like that. Black women need to chill out with the weaves and perms and just go natural