Uncle Sam Wants YOU Chris Tucker and Diddy

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 3:00 pm.

Haven’t we all learned by now that the IRS doesn’t play when it comes to getting their money (Exhibit A: Wesley Snipes and Ron Isley)?  Apparently not.

According to the Detroit News the state of California filed a $3,594,409 lien against Chris Tucker last week for four years worth of unpaid taxes!  No wonder we haven’t seen him around lately, he’s probably busy ducking the tax folks like their name was Big Worm.

Chris hit a career jackpot with the Rush Hour franchise pulling in $20 million a flick, so not really sure what the problem is but considering  the state of California is in a $31 billion debt crisis you know the “Governator” Arnold Schwarzenegger and his people will be back for those ends.

Diddy also owes the IRS back taxes, reports DrewReports.com, though his amount is much smaller at $7,373. Apparently back in 2007 Sean underpaid the federal tax for his Atlanta branch of Justin’s restaurant. Diddy’s people say that it was an address mishap and the IRS was mailing the business papers to an address that the producer hasn’t used in 10 years (right, because snail mail is the only way that the IRS gets in touch with folks?).  Diddy’s reps also say that when he found out about the debt he wrote a check for the amount which should be arriving to the IRS “shortly.” Until that check is signed, sealed, delivered and cashed (hopefully it’s not of the rubber variety), I’m sure the IRS won’t be too impressed with that statement.

Why do celebrities, think that they can escape paying taxes with some having the audacity to let the debt roll on for years (Exhibit B: Lil’ Kim, Foxy BrownMethod Man, Robin Givens, Xhibit, Ruben Studdard, Damon Dash, the list goes on)?  If you have time to brag about your bankroll, party about town, go on shopping sprees and vacations you have the time to dial up your accountant and settle your debt by April 15th.  Priorities people!


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Anonymous Said on

Chris better get that took care of quick. I work for the IRS, and the interest and penalties that accrue on such a huge amount as that is no laughing matter. At least call and work out some sort of payment plan. The IRS don’t play–they go after the dead!

letyya Said on

please pay your tax I have to mines .

T Said on

Why would the government allow someone to go four years without becoming current on their taxes? A regular Joe would have had Uncle Sam’s grandmother on the front lawn, calling the job and the church for a couple of thousand. Do you really expect this guy to pay 4 million dollars? Where are thier accountants? They should have the HR Block promise or something to help them out. If they mess up the return at least they will pay the penalty for $59.99

R&B Guru Said on

Dang Chris Tucker dodged huge amounts of money. How did he get by so long without paying? And how is california only just figuring htis out now?

So amazing how this stuff happens. Better pay up or he might be facing jail time.

R&B Guru of R&B Haven and Soul Of R&B

metin2 yang Said on

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