Tameka Raymond: Not My Stomach, But That Is His Baby

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 3:17 pm.


There’s a picture of Tameka Raymond with her gut hanging over and stretch marks only a bottle of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter could love floating around the Web.

When the shot hit these internets people assumed that she must have developed some sort of complex, because you know, Usher’s six pack game is tighter than Budweiser’s. So naturally Tameka would go get surgery to keep her man, right?

Maybe not as that shot might not have even been real.

Tameka has finally spoken up about the surgical procedure that almost did her in.

When asked about the picture in question and the near death experience in a Brazilian hospital, the soon-to-be ex Mrs. Raymond said:

“Yes, there is an unauthorized altered photo that was taken with the intent of being a head shot (ie; to be cropped at the chest), it was not styled at all and shot at the end of a shoot. Unfortunately, it got into the wrong hands and a little Photoshop work is done and ‘voila’ you have a bad and funny shot of someone’s wife. A real knee-slapper. As far as my experience in Brazil, I NEVER had any cosmetic surgery done at all. I was to undergo a standard 30-40 min procedure and I had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, nothing was ever started or happened. Never was there a planned ‘tummy tuck’ as reported. I have had nothing done aside from being birthed from parents blessed with awesome health and good genetics. I love me/ my body yet for a brief moment I got a little caught up in the Worldly perception of beauty and made an impromptu, unwise decision that I learned a valuable lesson from, I was only two months post delivery. I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. There are no complexes, no shortcuts and to stay focused is the answer.”

Oh and those pesky rumors that Usher tried to Maury her, Tameka said:

“It’s insane. I think the pseudo-DNA Request first ran in the National Enquirer, somewhere between them purporting lewd things about Michelle Obama and underneath the headline that we had captured Osama Bin Laden lol.  Many bloggers like the afore mentioned Atlanta woman continue to circulate these fraudulent news pieces, so it’s like I don’t even need to discredit them because they discredit themselves.  My husband even found it appalling. He was present for the births of both children and would never deny them. We both find it rude and absurd.”


Photo Credit: Robert Ector

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I’m sick and tired of hearing of Usher and soon to be ex-wife. I heard thru the grapevine that Usher’s second child with Tameka may not be his. I’m so glad he had her sign a pre-nup because she’s a golddigger.

betty Said on

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Tricia Said on

i believe that if she is comfortable with the shape of her body then she shouldnt havta change for any man,, especially tip for that matter– he’s loved her all these years,, why change for him now??

patricia Said on

he’d been better off wit chilli! that’s he get! the older one’s are just as bad as the younger.

keke Said on

first of all to that grown woman name tameka raymond, if you are so grown and you know that all of the information is not true. then why try to hunt it down and tell them how childish they are? second of all, if you did not go to brazil to get anything altered on your body. then why did you have to go way over there to get it done? third, if your soon to be ex-husband was so upset about the DNA statement then why didn’t he say that was a lie. it is mighty funny that usher filing for a divorce was true, but everything else was a lie. they whole relationship have been lie and usher got tired of telling it.it have been rumored a few months after they got married that they were getting a divorce. he would have been better off with chilli but he have to live and learn. at least he got a child and a possible on out of it. so it was a blessing after all.

Lesa Said on

I am no hater but i will always have no clue as to why Ush&Chil could not work it out. I think they were the cutest pair.

metin2 yang Said on

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