Someone Save Her

Published by Runteldat on Friday, September 4, 2009 at 11:50 am.


It would be easy to kick Maia Campbell while she’s down, but if you see the video of her that’s just released to the Web, I don’t see how anyone can.

Footage of some man and his “nephew” exploiting Maia can be found all over the ‘internets.’

In the video, Maia’s slurring her words, cursing people out, and judging from her comments, a prostitute now.

As she munched on chips, she mentioned something about her parts going for $3,000.

I’m guessing by her behavior she’s on drugs. It’s already been reported that she’s bipolar, so drugs can only be making matters worse.

Has no one tried to reach out to her in years past? LL Cool J? Debbie Allen? Little Austin? Friends of her mother, author Bebe Moore Campbell?

By the way the man driving the car strong armed her and spoke to her she might even be getting abused.

Someone needs to grab her from the trap and throw her in someone’s treatment center. Say a prayer, wish a on star…whatever you think will help (seriously).

See for yourself here.

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VVS Said on

I saw this…and it really is messed up…sometimes when things happen to people you think they’re getting what they deserve and we make fun of them…but to see HER like this really is not funny…and I hope the best for her.

Salada Chalmers Said on

Pray, pray, pray for her. She is suffering a needs help. The streets have turned her hard-core. She is a walking testimony about what can happen in a person’s life. There are countless others like her out there. Maya is talented and wasting away. I hope she can recover! And to the will get your turn! Karma is a mother…

Lauren Said on

“Judging from her actions I’m guess she’s on drugs” What kind of journalist are you? Journalist are to NEVER draw their own opinion. What a waste. We the readers are supposed to take from what we read and by OUR judgment conclude what we want. BET you have the worst writers ever. Stop hiring these people and check their resumes first! I am saddened by the video and even more so this reporting style.

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Maia is a schizophrenic who is forced to deal with things mentally that I cannot even fathom.

Before you judge, educate yourself.

Chella G,

SanginSista Said on

Somebody in her family needs to host an intervention before it’s too late. We all, as a community of black people, need to be praying for this young woman.

MsProverb31 Said on

To Whom It May Concern:
The comments placed here about the young, (and still talented) Maia are unuseful. . .I mean really, what is your point, Mr. or Mrs. Author? Interestingly enough, BET has been under at the firing range with how “our” network chooses to exploit our Black Women, and these heartless sentiments above just add fuel to the fire. What perplexes me is how do we complain about media outlets such as FOX Networks denigrating blacks, and we are doing the same thing here. (Oh, don’t tell. . .you are not EVEN Black?). That’s even worse. . .because you ARE getting away with it. Enough is enough. . .I know what I am going to do. . .WATCH THE NAME. . .To Be Continued. . .

letoya S Said on

They forget about each once the camera is gone.I pray that she get really help.

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Thomas White Said on

I saw the full video of Maia Campbell 6 times on youtube and it’s really sad that people like her family, friends, and former cast members won’t even help her. The gentlemen who did this video need to be ashamed of themselves. My prayers goes out to her. We don’t even know what she been through. She lost her mom last year from brain cancer and I hope that she’ll go to rehab and get better. I hope that L.L.Cool J, Tyrese, Debbie Allen and Kim Wayans will see this video and trying to find her and get her into rehab a.s.a.p.

wisdomspeaker Said on

I’m not going to put the writer down as I have read many of you have already done so. look, it is what it is. Maia was the girl that every girl wanted to be, and this is something that makes you wonder, why or how could something like this happen? I don’t think the writer of this article had any intension of exploiting her, I am grateful for it, because I have something to pray about, and that is her soul. Everybody is angry that no one has tried to reach out, but do any of us know whether or not they already tried? So either way, we all find some excuse to judge, whether it be Maia, LL, Debbie Allen, the writer of this piece and of course her family. Let’s practice what Jesus preached, “He who knows no sin, let him cast the first stone. So before we go into our prayer closet, let’s ask God to forgive our sins and send a sincere prayer up to God for deliverance, because He’s the one who will save her. Believe me, He will send the right peolpe in her path. Just pray.

Noxeema jackson Said on

Im so angry that the man taping this video would exploit her like that.i will pray my ass of for her.she has a daughter that she needs to tend to.

lala Said on

tried to watch it but i just couldnt…all i will say is…thts sad :( i hope she gets help or some1 will help her she was such a pretty girl too… :-(

tamelia Said on

I am praying that someone will reach out to her and save her she have such promise as an actress . PLEASE L.L COOL J , FAT JOE , TYRESE , HER DAD , STEPDAD SOMEBODY THAT CAN HELP HER GET BACK RIGHT PLEASE FIND HER.

sam Said on

i pray she gets out of that situation and gets help; and yeah someone should reach out to her! I mean she lost her mother a couple of years back, and is probably acting out. It’s definately a cry for help;GOD help her!

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