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Published by Dior Noir on Monday, September 14, 2009 at 3:00 pm.

she by sheree presentation spring 2010

Fashion Week is fully underway in New York and while well-known designers are showing their Spring 2010 collections at Bryant Park, further downtown at The Red Bull Space Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Sheree Whitfield hosted a presentation of her debut line She by Sheree yesterday.  I can’t lie, I couldn’t wait to see what these clothes looked like.  If for nothing I knew I’d be in for some tomfoolery.  If you watch the show, you know that Sheree has been trying to kick off her line for a while.  She previously attempted to do a showing in Atlanta but ended up not having any “fashions” (as “5th housewife” Dwight would say) to show guests.  There were actually clothes this time around–3-5 models displayed looks that rotated every half hour–and I was honestly surprised at the results.    

The looks, which fall into a palette of black, gray, black, deep blue, and yellow, ranged from tailored dresses to jumpsuits in lace and satin.  I heard someone criticize the collection as something you’d find on sale at Forever 21 or Target and others echoed that opinion of the clothes which start at a $200 price point. Sure, the production wasn’t flawless (hanging threads and ill fitting plagued some of the looks) but they honestly weren’t as dreadful as I thought they’d be and were a vast improvement from her last effort.  

  When I caught up with Sheree today for a brief moment at the Jill Stuart fashion show (yes she’s still making Fashion Week  rounds!) she told me that her presentation was not without it’s snafus: “Anything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong, but in the end everything turned around and it was fabulous,” she said (and  thankfully she didn’t have to go off on anyone this go round). She wants her clothes to feel accessible to a wide range of women: “I think She by Sheree is for women who love a great fitting. To me it’s about a great fit and having great fabric and women feeling confident in their clothes,” she said.  ”That could be a younger girl or an older woman, but it’s for a woman who likes to be a little edgy but still classy.”

Take a closer look at some of the looks below. What do you think: dreadful,  doable or delightful?


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Toya Said on

I belive if she picked some better looking models it would have made her clothing look better, also the clothing line name is a little to elegant for some of styles of the clothing i see so far, but i will say i commend her for getting thus far flaws can be corrected best if luck to her !!!!!

TIFF Said on

The line was a good “first” line. I agree that the line would definitely sell at Forever 21, Kohls, or even Macy’s. I wouldn’t, however, put down another designer. That lacked class and was just un-ladylike. There’s room for everyone.

Shaundra Said on

Blah!!! Horrible…I am a fashion stylist and Sheree needs to leave it alone. Everyone wants to be a fashion designer but has no creativity to design. Find another hobby Sheree. I don’t like it at all.

Arjai Said on

Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids…..Sheree the joke is on you!!! Are you serious, this is what all the hype was about….. Somebody tell me she’s not serious? I’m so embarrassed for her.

Arjai Said on

HOW DREADFUL! All that time to create a line and this is what you came up with? Girl, stop playin’

lin g Said on

She is nothing to write home about,I thought everything look old and the models to.

shad Said on

tacky…lol…wow…thats all i can say is tacky…

shonuff Said on

com on now…u really let me down…i know next time not to have my expectations so high…stick to being fake…now that will sell…u bamboosalled us all…..

shamion Said on

Ok Sheree im a up and coming fashion designer myself.. and by the looks of the designs hmmm they are decent. Although the reason people are downing the looks is because the models first of all are young and grimey looking (the poses and makeup didnt match at all) If they are for women with class or young women. .(i always pick my models like me , confident, great posture, and that can make the outfit ) I think you should’ve chosen models like yourself “Sheree” . The youngest shoudlve been late 30’s, because you were the only one that looked good in your dress “really” looking at the photo of everyone. Many blessings to you and your career its a very competitive field so just keep your focus…peace :)

TBrownfromMoTown Said on

Models look deathly ill.. doesn’t flatter the clothing. Sheree is so hateful it is hard to see the beauty in her clothes for me….nothing I would rush out and buy especially the lace what is with that so purple rain. Lisa ROCKS

maggief Said on

the way she was talking i thought her clothes would be better, turns out
these clothes can only be worn in the evening or with a coat. if this is
high fashion, she need to go back and do her research. sheree is so full
of herself and she is not in the demand like she thinks. lisa clothes are much better. she need to have some controll over her line,but she don’t
dress that well herself. i am glad she is getting those six figures because
she has a long way to go with her fashions.

beauty Said on

Its funny that sheree called herself a design and lisa wasn’t want they both DON’T sketch or sew, they do the same thing, hired a designer, at least lisa is up front about. And I would pay 200 dollars for those clothes, when I can get the same thing at forever 21 under 50 dollars.

Galore Said on

SHEREE Darling what would Dwight say???? JUST DREADFUL, DARLING

Jenifer Said on

That sh!t is ugly, just like Sheree’s personality.

MS HAZE Said on


Mish Said on

Why is Sheree wearing the same dress on that she was wearing on the last episode of Real Housewives. I gues the six figure settlement really didn’t come through. How dreadful!!!!

JB Said on

Just like I had picture all the time DREADFUL

Shirma Said on


HOW DREADFUL!!!!! That’s not your forte maybe something around fitness training might be a better business venture, try it, you never know!!!!!.

LoJo Said on

“Beauty is as beauty does…” Sheree’s clothing are a reflection of Sheree herself. Her spirit is personified in the clothing line that she displayed. Hopefully she’ll take a few steps back and take a good look in the mirror. She put down Lisa’s line, which made people look more closely at hers… so she didn’t have room to “fail” or make glaring errors. It would have been so much more “classy” to have supported Lisa and her efforts to succeed; perhaps then people would not have been so critical of the sad display that she put on… and at “Fashion Week in New Yor” no less. Lisa’s upbeat spirit made you want to root for her, even though her collection had some problems as well. Sheree, my advice “do to others as you’d have them do to you.”

wcokdocbh Said on

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