Kandi Burruss Fiance, Ashley Jewell, Died

Published by Clay Cane on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 8:00 am.

kandi-bruss-Sad news.  According to published reports, Ashley “A.J.” Jewell, the fiancé of songwriter and Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast member Kandi Burruss, has been killed in Atlanta.  Some reports claim he was the co-owner of the Atlanta strip club, Body Tap, and a fight occurred during a brawl in the parking lot, resulting in fatal injuries.

According to Burruss’ publicist, she is “stunned and speechless.”

Kandi has custody of two of Jewell’s six kids.

Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

Check out the clip below, which features A.J.

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SebastianSimone Said on

Praying for you and those kids Kandi.

Brittany Said on

Sorry for your lost Kandi and he wasn’t a bad looking guy. Its always a sad situation when something like this happens. My condolscences go out to Kandi and her family.

goodl Said on

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Christina Smith Said on

So sorry for your Loss Kandi! you seem to be a very strong person wrapped up in god. just let him wrap his arms around you and rock you during your time of bereavement. you have my condolences.!!!!!!! God Got ur back!!!!

Chelle Said on

Sorry 4 your loss Kandi! God will get you thru this tough situation.You have condolences!! God bless you and your family and his family .

tricia Said on

omg kandi im sorry i got twins and all i gotta say is that i feel for u and a long time ago i lost a boyfriend fatally also. u gonna get over it and when u hold them twins u holding aj.

Frankie Said on

Khandi, I love you, I wish you well. You are the best! My condolences to you and AJ kids & family. I think you all were great together. I can’t even imagine what you are going thru. My heart goes out to you. Stay Strong! God bless…

big jump Said on

Truely sorry for your lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watch the housewives of ATL watching you and Ashley the love you had for him. I as a man straight man could see the love and the hurt. Its hard loving someone when family that you are close to dont approve. You loved that man! I was hoping you two could of proved all of the new age TWITTERS and BOLGGERS wrong. Just bye watching you and gettting to knowing you through reality tv you not like the others housewives (you got your own). I respect you GOD BLESS YOU its times like this we all need him.

kima Said on

words cannot express how u are feeling! may god b with u.
u r very sweet kandi, i love u girl, stay strong & keep god first.

lexus Said on

i am so sorry for the lost of kandi i am so stuck things happen fast in life but he was a good person and he had children and kandi daughter riley really cared about him so i hope she is alright

Dot Said on

May God be with you Kandi and everyone affected by this tragedy. look to God for your strength. Sorry for your lost. May God bless you .

Ms O Said on

Kandi, I’m so sorry for you! But words of advise listen to your mother for she knows best! Ask Usher! Not to say that they are always right but, it worth giving it a try! I’m sure Aj was a nice person, but nice people have dark sides they haven’t completely let go of (Bobby Brown) Praying for Aj’s family and his friends. Speaking of friends why didn’t someone break up the fight was anyone there? Kandi, you are a beautiful black women and there a black men out there that will meet your standards, support and take care of you! God had to save you to bless you!!

Nereida :-( Said on

I cant begin to imagine wat ur goin through. When i heard the news i was shocked and couldnt believe it. I started to think bout my family and husband and how quick life passes you by. I am very sorry and offer my condolences from my heart. I hope u get through this and know we are thinkin bout you and ur family and aj’s kids. God Bless all of you and god bless his soul!!!!

Aj Said on

My heart goes out to you Khandi. As much as I loved Xscape as a group, you were always my favorite. My girlfriend and I was just speaking about you and AJ and how we hoped that things work out for you. My mother is just like yours and I’m her only daughter so I understand dearly where you’re coming from when you speak about your mother and your relationship with AJ. I know words are not enough and no matter what anyone says, you are the one that is going through this tragedy and you are the one that is going to have to get through it. You never really get over it but you will definitely get through it. God is holding on to you always and now is the best time for you to hold him too. Through the wake of this tragedy will come JOY for you, your family, AJ’s family and everyone that knows or think they know you. Stay strong and hold on to little Riley, she really needs you to be strong. I have nothing but love for you KB. May God continue to bless you……go hug your momma.

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gemmie Said on

Khandi, may God strengthen you in your time of grief. I love that you have joined Atlanta housewives. You are so gorgeous and to me the most appealing of all the ladies. You have this kind of aura that no one else on the show has but you. So stay strong and know that your fans are pulling for you all the way.

Carolyn Said on

Dear Khandi , you have my heartfelt condolense. When I remember back on my loved ones gone, I think of the good times we had. He will always be around, My prayers are with you, God will not let you hurt for long, we all remember. You are a great actress!!!!!! Time heels the heart . If you ever need a to write, I’m here or at ladyc328@gmail.com

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ella rogers Said on

Dear Khandi, My condolence go out to you and your family. God has plans for you Khandi! he’s not gonna give you no more than you can handle and right now he’s allowing you time to grieve. But what you must realize is that when that soul was removed the spirit remained there to give you the guidence you need to move on. Just keep the faith in your higher power and this is when the healing prossess begains. I can’t begin to feel what you are going through right now but I can leave you w/this we are all opening our hearts to you and whenever you feel you need to reach out to someone my e-mail ellarogers55@yahoo.com