Will Chris Brown Be Sued?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 12:00 am.


Although Chris Brown may have apologized to Rihanna, his fans, and started his community service there’s some people out there who could care less about his apologies as they are more vexed about their dollars.

Call these people the board members of Wrigley who are reportedly mulling a potential lawsuit against Breezy Fist.

The gum makers had just signed a five year deal with Breezy Fist when his fight with Rihanna occurred. As a result they had to pull ads and shelf the multiple commercials and prints ads that the company planned to use over an extended period of time.

Wrigley had to dissolve their relationship with Brown and has said to have lost millions.

Singersroom quotes sources saying:

“..They are said to be preparing to sue Chris for all the money they lost due to his bad behavior. They spent big bucks on ads featuring Chris along with other celebrities like Jay-Z and Mariah Carey. Since Chris was in them also – everything had to be ditched. Wrigley is mad and we hear they hope to recoup the money Chris caused them to lose with a big fat lawsuit.”

Good luck with that, Chris.


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bxhonee Said on

That’s so stupid. That’s on them. They shouldn’t have pulled it to begin with! Maybe stall it ya know wait it out a lil but not cancel it all together! Especially since there were other celebs involved. I feel that was dumb because everyone who loved chris then STILL loves him. The only people who were mad is the media and people who never liked him that much to begin with. That’s their own fail!

RUSerious Said on

bxhonee, u must not have any idea how business and a contract works.

Seriously? Said on

Umm why are you blaming the media? Chris Brown Broke his contract, so they did something about it. Why you getting all mad for? They Don’t care about how much you all love him Chris Brown made them loose millions, so they’re doing something about. i still love chris brown too but he did something wrong so he has to take responsibility. Your need to think before you write.

Truchiluv Said on

I understand that he was under contract but in the end, it was Wrigley’s choice not to go through with their ads. Technically what consumers knew Chris was going to be in the ads anyway? What Chris did was wrong and he has taken responsibility for his actions the courts and the world have found him guilty…and he is that’s why he got the sentence he received. I think there is some injustice to how companies and people are treating him as a person….we all make mistakes. Kobe, Shaq and many others have been caught cheating on thier wives…but the still have….emotional abuse wounds lingers much longer than physical wounds but neither are right. Mike Vick killed dogs and yet he is back in the NFL, Wesley Snipes attacked Halle Berry yet he is able to continue his acting career. No sin is greater than any other, so all this judging people are conducting is just wrong. Chris apologized to Rihanna the victim in the case and if she can forgive him and God forgives him that’s all that should matter. Wrigley judged him and made their decision based on their perception of Chris and Rihanna’s issue….it had nothing to do with Wrigley….and whose to say one of their CEO’s or executive staff members aren’t at home abusing their spouse, or commiting adultery….before you cast a stone check your own backyard.

Truchiluv Said on


it should have read that Kobe and Shaq and many others have been caught cheating on their wives…but they still have ads….

Url Redirection Said on

Third, Chris Brown offers us a window into adolescent realities. Url Redirection