Toni Braxton’s Having Money Troubles…Again

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 3:00 pm.


It’s really time for Toni Braxton to hire a new financial planner!

According to TMZ, the Grammy-award winning R&B singer has has defaulted on her mortgage payments – and now Bank of America is looking to foreclose her house. They claim she owes $12,503.20 on a place in Century City, California. Now that might sound like chump change for a celebrity, but that’s not the end of the star’s financial woes. Earlier this month City National Bank came after her for $657,567.54 and interest that’s over $44K when she failed to keep up with payments on a 2007 promissory note to the tune of $900,000.

Back in 1998 Braxton went bankrupt after she racked up $3.9 million in debt from financial mismanagement and all of her household possessions, including  her prestigious awards, were priced to sell so she could pay off her creditors.

The songbird ended a Vegas gig last year and word is her next album has been pushed back to February 2010. Looks like she needs to get on her job, because pretty soon  she’s not even going to have a door for all these creditors to knock on.


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Candace Royal Said on

My girl Toni Braxton is about to lose her home. C’mon TB I love you girl!! It’s been more than SEVEN WHOLE DAYS that you haven’t paid over $12,000 for your Century City home. I know you got SECRETS Toni but make this work because now you are going to feel THE HEAT. YOU ARE MORE THAN A WOMAN and you’re a LIBRA! Please don’t become SHADOWLESS. Where is Keri in all of this?! Please Keri JUST BE A MAN ABOUT IT and help our girl out! You don’t want her thinking “man i need to “FIND ME A MAN!” PLEASE stop TRIPPIN! HOW MANY WAYS can I say this to you Toni? I don’t want nothing to happen to your career because THERE’S NO ME WITHOUT YOU. You are such a angel and you got me wonderin HOW CAN A ANGEL BREAK MY HEART? WHY SHOULD I CARE? I don’t know and sometimes I DON’T WANT TO but your music makes me understand WHAT’S GOOD. It’s because of you that ME AND MY BOYFRIEND have a bomb LOVE AFFAIR. Ooooh I LOVE ME SOME HIM!!! Well I’m done venting and FINALLY done. I will ALWAYS be your #1 fan AND I LOVE YOU!

Princess Said on

Wow,I love Toni’s music,you will bounce back girl,your fans will support you.

Unique Said on

Where is Toni’s husband can’t he help her get out of debt I mean isn’t that what your significant other is for to help you when you need help. Poor Toni I hope things all work out for her soon.

jermain McGee Said on

were is your man can’t he help you? or some of your can’t they help you? Well the next move for you is to do a platinum album or Do a show FOR THE LOVE OF TONY BRAXTON lol naw i’m 4real why am i laughing hell ray J and flav did it and look they out of financial bind and there album sales have boosted> Well anyways good luck and I hope you bounce back I love your music and you one of the baddest bitCH’s in the game. Good Luck you will come up just be patient and work harder then ever b4

Sxychlt Said on

Whoa! where are all of her Celebrity Friends? Why aren’t they helping their Girl out? Yall just gone let Toni lose her house when each and every one of you are paped out the game? She’s having a hard time with her health can somebody stand the f*** up and help her? Sure glad you guys aren’t my friends because my friends would never see me homeless. Good luck Toni you’re in my Prayers girl and remember who your friends were when you were down because you’ll be back one day soon I just know it your voice is amazing.

dia Said on

She need to learn how to balance her check book and not let everyone in her financial business.

Ing the Queen Said on

Can everybody Pray for Toni this can’t be good for her health the stress alone can and will kill you and like sxychlt said where are her friends? This is chump change to most it’s not like she’s blowing her money on dope the girl has health problems that’s not allowing her to perform the way she used to smh at her friends. Her Husband needs to step up how can she be losing her house and she has a husband that’s in the Industry? No one is saying anything about him why? Where’s Denzel Washington he’s amazing I know he’ll save her house he has not a selfish bone in his body and when she’s back she’ll pay him back somebody get in touch with Denzel since the rest of the Industry is going dumb grrrrrrrr!

Cazeliah Said on

Why is it the only time BET gives Toni some shine, it has nothing to do with her music. Kinda lame if you ask me. Toni still has her voice and still has that signature body. Shame on you BET…

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Toni Braxton!

mjj Said on


debrakilgore Said on

Toni, I am going to pray for you and your children. I prayed for Whitney and he has seen her through, he will do the same thing for you. When things are going wack, GOD is the only one who truly has your back.

Betty Said on

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bebefj Said on

What is Keri her husband doing? He eats and sleeps there too. Is it all in her name? Is he trying to exhaust her to working all the time with her health condition. Why or is he not hustling to do something? In the words of Mr Omar, “Tragic!”

T.W Said on

i just heard some songs off your new album pulse and those are some bangers I’m too excited that your coming back on the scene so in my opinion bounce back do what you have to do to get back in the game if you have to sell the house get something smaller don’t throw yourself in a financial slumb that you can’t get out of seek financial advisors and find trust in someone that can handle your financies and get your money right seek family members for support and just know your fans are rooting for you because we do love you and your music and i think the r&b game would be lost without becuase believe it or not your one of the greats… your up there with mariah carey, whitney houston, and the rest so come on with it..

p.s. my heart never had a hero should be your no.1 single and you need an amazing videoto match it so get good promoters and also hit the scene your bigger than little vegas shows you need to go around the world so just get on your ?*%* i love you :-)