Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Still Stepping Out Together

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, October 19, 2009 at 3:00 pm.


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade have been in the tabloids for over a year ever since rumors surfaced that the two were hooking up in the midst of  his divorce, which he still hasn’t fully finalized. While he’s denied publicly that the two are an item, that sure hasn’t stopped them from stepping out together and these days they don’t seem too concerned with keeping it under wraps.

Last week the two hit a private club level suite at Land Shark Stadium during Monday Night Football. This weekend they were spotted looking very much the happy couple at the Miami Children’s Hospital Annual gala, a huge event on Miami’s social calendar, and they also made an appearance at Stephen Hill’s birthday celebration at Play Nightclub in Miami.

Once upon a time they were very careful to avoid the cameras and with good reason!

In legal papers, the Miami Heat guard’s high school sweetheart/wife alleged that he abandoned his children, committed adultery, and infected her with an unspecified sexually transmitted disease. The rumors that Gabby was “the other woman” only continued to spread when an unnamed NBA wife wrote an anonymous letter to Bossip about Union, alleging that she messed around with other people’s husbands, specifically naming Wade (Union sued Bossip claiming that the claims were untrue  and the letter was removed from the site).

Despite the drama, it looks like Gabrielle and Dwyane are still standing.  Wonder if they’ll ever acknowledge it?

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mz.ladi Said on

wow, sounds like another swizz beat and alicia keys story(drama)

talitha Said on

go girl i wish it was with me i love wade im a big fan i love both of them girl it dont matter everybody talking the wife just scorn.

Sharia Said on

I believe that Gabrielle is messing with Wade. She should be ashamed of herself for messing with a married man. Now if his divorce was finalized and then they hooked up, there would be nothig for his wife to say. Adultery is still adultery… Gabbie be a women and wait til the divorce is final before being caught out with another womens man. You’re committing adultery on your part too. Remember what goes aroung comes back around……

Nu_BN Said on

These two people have the right to live their life the way they choose…sweep around your own front door.

jimma Said on

nice pic

unknown Said on

“These two people have the right to live their life the way they choose…sweep around your own front door. ”

Wrong is wrong. The black community has enough problems. We don’t need to be breaking up any black families. If these two want to mess around so bad then get a divorce! That is the problem with the black community today. Nobody wants to stand up for what is right

pissed Said on

Gabrielle Union should be ashamed of herself. She needs to remember she was once MARRIED. She probably divorced her husband because he was playing for JACKSONVILLE and wassn’t a star player. Gabrielle you look like a gold digger in disguise. You no good dog on well you dont want Dwayne Wade oh by the way whatever happened to HILL HARPER.Thats right he didnt have GAME. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT FROM THE NEXT TRIFLING WOMAN WHO CHOOSES NOT TO TAKE ANOTHER WOMAN’S CHILDREN INTO CONSIDERATION. All i can say to you is SHAME ON YOU.

africa1996 Said on

I am so sick and tired of women always saying ” She stole my man, husband, baby daddy etc”…. Bull&^%$. No one can steal someone from you unless they had plans on leaving your behind in the first place. We women are so quick to jump on another female when the truth lies with the man,…period. If he wants you, he will stay, if he doesn’t he is out the door!!! File the papers, get counseling, take care of yourself and your kids and move on. That means he wasn’t true to you from the jump if he will walk out of his marriage. So women please get a grip. He is tempted by women everyday and I am sure he has passed on their advances..maybe not, but you mean to tell me little Miss Gabby just strolled by and he lost his mind??? Please, I dont think so!! He was already ckecking out of your motel to begin with!!!

bombdotcom Said on

Everyone know’s that they are together but NOBODY know’s anything about what goes on behind closed doors…..Anyways it just happens to be her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY!! I LOVE U!! Said on

I love Dwade and any body who lies on hi can go somewhere…..and gabby got another thing comen when i become a famouse singer cause when i do me and wade gone be together husband and wife….. lol i do wish him da best and i think his wife is lien i want er to gie him a divorce and gone bout her buisness….f he likes gabby and wants to be with her then i wish him the best now its time for his wife to move on…… dwade i love you baby……Naddia Moore

Naddia Moore Said on

I think his wife is just mad that they are splitting…how could you blame her do that man is fawne and yes i love him big big fan go #3….but they need to leave him alone if he and gabby go together then they go together….we should be wishing them the best cause most black couples now a days dont last and that needs to stop… the black culture will never get better cause we hate on each other to much….but wade i love you bab and i wish you joy and happiness!!! love Naddia Moore from Indianapolis, Indiana Naptown!