LaLa on Melo & Marriage

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 11:30 am.


After being engaged to Carmelo Anthony for so long, LaLa Vasquez was given a bit of scrutiny over allegedly “setting bad examples” for promoting “shacking up.”

In an interview with A Word For My Sistas, the seemingly soon-to-be but not quite yet Mrs. Carmelo Anthony answered some of her critics.

Onetta: I hear wedding bells in the near future. Are you guys planning a summer wedding?

Lala: We are planning. I honestly don’t have many details yet. I always get asked the question about marriage and being engaged for so long. My answer to that is it has worked this way for us. I’m not saying this is the way for everyone, but we have moved at our own speed and it has worked. People tend to believe since we’ve been engaged for so long that something is up, we are not happy, or my all time favorite one, “he’s never gonna marry her!” Does being married automatically mean two people are happy? Mel and I took the time out to get to know each other, inside and out. We took time to learn about our likes and our dislikes. After having our son, we both feel ready to take that step. It’s very important to us and it’s the example we want to set for our son. Although everyone may not agree, I’m glad we did it this way.

So I can’t pretend to know these two and their relationship, but I can say her wording makes her an easy target. They’re engaged, they have a child together yet they’ve been waiting to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes?

This is after he knocked you up and proposed? LaLa seems sweet, but she needs to go back, reread and rephrase. I don’t think she meant it how it was worded.

But on a warm and fuzzy note:

Onetta: Let’s get a little personal. LOL! You and Mr. Carmelo have been holding it down for a while now? What do you love most about Carmelo?

Lala: I love Melo because he has taught me the importance of not taking certain things so seriously. He always has such a calm spirit, even in the face of heavy turmoil. I admire that about him. I’ve learned so much from just watching him in certain situations. But most importantly, he is a great dad to our son Kiyan. I thank God every night for blessing my son with such a great father. Their relationship is awesome!

Onetta: If I could ask Carmelo what he loves most about you, what do you think he would say?

Lala: I think you would have to ask him that! LOL!

She seems happy, so good for her.


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elvagreen Said on

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debrakilgore Said on

Please don’t say anything else, until he “PUTS A RING ON IT”. Be quite and accept your role as a live in baby mama!

debrakilgore Said on

Please don’t say anthing else untill he “PUTS A RING ON IT”. Be quiet
and accept your role as a live in baby mama!

Hannah Said on

I believe that if LaLa doesn’t have a problem with it, then why should anyone else. No one has a right to judge, because we’re not 100% perfect.

deedee Said on

I have to say for lala hats up for you girl..I hear rumors everyday but the most important thing is that you keep believing in your man girl and you do understand that love has no limit to it and thats a true fact im 29 and has had a relationship for 10 years but even “open” for the last 3 years and I still truly love this man and deep inside I know he loves and cares for me but lala I remember when you dj’d and everything keep it going girl and if it matters you are truly inspirational to my life also….Go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget Da HATERS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>