Russell Simmons Pens Open Letter To Bill Cosby

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 12:00 am.


In recent years the legendary Bill Cosby has ignited controversy over his comments about hip-hop, along with young blacks kids and the parents not raising them.

In a new post on Global Grind, Russell Simmons takes Cosby to task – arguing his words point to his own intolerance, and help fuel the longstanding generational divide among blacks.

Simmons wrote:

There are a lot of great entertainers who do great things. Bill Cosby is one of them. He has always used his voice to right what he thought was wrong. However, I believe that too often Mr. Cosby has wrongly placed the blame.

Bill Cosby is an example of someone from the older generation who has consistently blamed the poets and asked suffering community members to bear the full burden of guilt for the struggles that they endure. It is certainly not that he and the rest of the elders don’t care, because they do. In fact, their intentions are pure and good. All the things they say are actually true. What they don’t understand is that the young people who they criticize did not create their own realities. They did not create the crumbling education system that we school them in. They did not create the drug epidemic and drug wars that have resulted in a dysfunctional family structure. They did not create the health care crisis that does not treat them. They did not create the culture of violence that they fall victim to.

While it is true that each one of us can make a change at any moment, it is equally true that at every minute we are all doing the best we can. If you knew better, you would do better. Therefore, those who care and have resources could/should work to create the kind of support systems that could inspire change.


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secole13 Said on

I see what Russell is conveying to Mr. Cosby. I also understand the point Mr. Cosby has made. You can’t blame our young peoples struggles on Hip-hop culture. On the other side of that, the generational gap would warrant Mr. Cosby’s views. Russell’s mind set is also on target, he defends his position. So it is just 2 different prospectives coming from 2 different brilliant minds. A lot of the problems with these kids, it starts at home the up bringing or the lack there of??

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