National Coalition For Men Tells Rihanna To “Woman Up”

Published by Runteldat on Friday, November 6, 2009 at 12:00 am.


A group called The National Coalition For Men has released a statement that calls on Rihanna to speak out on her alleged violence against Chris Brown.

They feel her lack of admission is a double standard.  The group’s statement reads:

The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) calls on Rihanna to discuss her own reported violence against Brown as well if she wants to shed light on the problem honestly.

According to court records and other sources, Rihanna struck Brown in the face “numerous times” before Brown assaulted her (’…’). NCFM purports although that would not justify his more severe assault, her violence should not be ignored, and if she does not ‘woman up’ to it then her message will be the usual one-sided double standards that leave female perpetration covered up.

The saying, ‘There is no excuse for domestic violence,’ applies to both sexes. Female violence in relationships is not rare but is often hypocritically deemed acceptable or humorous, such as in the film, Sideways. It is part of the cycle of domestic violence, which cannot be stopped without addressing the problem honestly. Children are damaged just by witnessing domestic violence, regardless of its severity.

If Rihanna sincerely wants to raise awareness about domestic violence, NCFM calls on her to be forthcoming about her own violence and to address the problem honestly.

Although Chris Brown seems to have escaped Rihanna’s violent acts without a scar on his face — do you agree with the group’s criticism of Rihanna or is it unfair?

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Corleone The Don Said on

A mna shud never put his hands on a female no matter the circumstances of the situation..Any man that does beat on a woman in my eyes is a coward..although Rihanna was also in the wrong for not being honest about whatever was going on,when she just should have confronted him as a woman & avoided confrontation & a heated argument.

Corleone The Don

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Corleone The Don Said on

few typos’s i type fast srry lol..

Muffy Said on

I’m a chick, and I agree with the boys! God, that chick is so freakin’ evil!

Muffy Said on

@Corleone The Don

Go back to school, and grow a pair. I bet you let girls cut you and everything, huh?

oscar Said on

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say what? Said on

it’s like saying… “Tina Turner provoked Ike Turner to beat her ass…. I wanna hear what SHE did to make him do that!”

“What did Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson do to make Joe whipped their asses… i wanna know!!” (yes.. that is domestic violence)

“Come on.. Whitney Houston must’ve done something to make Bobby hit and spit on her in front of her daughter… i wanna hear what she did!!”…
get the point?

What a bunch of idiotic comments… and from WOMEN too… scary.

Deborah de Santos Said on

I was one of the original feminists back in the day – fought hard to be accepted on equal terms and one thing I learned early on – if you want the equality, ya gotta be willing to be responsible for your actions. When did “I am woman, hear me roar” turn into “I am woman hear me whine”?

If I hit a guy and he hits me back – it’s on us both. There’s never been any domestic violence with my partners – I leave my aggression in the gym and the arena. I don’t hit guys and and my guys have always known sure as hell if they start getting physical with me – I’m gonna finish it! Keeps the peace all the way around that way.

Do you think when a man says women should never be assaulted he’s showing you he sees you as his equal? I bet he’d say the same thing about children and animals. Think he sees them as his equal? Women who claim women and men should be held to different standards are the enemy of equality – pure and simple! Separate but equal is a crock – always has been and always will be.

Quiet storm Said on

Do we really need to be giving all of this negative feed back about who did what! This is the problem in society today. We throw everything out there. Give out negative vibes. Put negative thought into the universe. Tear each other apart. Make it a cultrul thing. Is it black, white, asian, hispanic there is no color to VIOLENCE. Our young teens of America read thigs like this and draw thier own conclusions, If you use your hands you are going to have to pay for what you did, It is NOW out of thier hands, and in the hands of the Law. They both are wrong and both should be punished for making the wrong choices, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOUR SELF. It is the easiest weapon to use and it will get you into deep trouble.

deshanay Said on

you look pretty on this pict.

serious business Said on

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michelle Said on

i think that she needs to be a woman and admit that she had a part in this to. not just going out and making a pitty party for herself. rhianna and chris both were wrong in this situation and i think she does need to own up to her part in this.

D. Easter Said on

It a known fact, that black women today can take a man to his breaking point. Men will walk away and turn the other cheek only so many times. I don’t know what really happened, but the government is always quick to side with women, even though they be in the wrong. So yes, agree.

me-me Said on

Rihanna s a devil worshipper, and is into to voodoo, she wants to destroy Chris brown because of jealosy. She is money hungry right along with the rest of the Jay-z crew. Chri s is sorry and he moved on. Rihanna is out for revenge. She is a good liar and God will expose her very soon.

Wal Said on

Demetrice, it is true whether you want to believe it or not. She admitted to hitting him twice in the face before he even touched her. It was in the police report, but she lied on the 20/20 interview and to me that shows that although she is a woman, physically, she is not a lady.

How do we really kno he didn’t get hit by her too? The only time he appeared was when he was wearing a hoodie, other than that he was not seen for atleast 2 weeks

Truu Said on

say what, don’t you ever compare those artists to this evil child! They were actually being ABUSED, this chick started a FIGHT. Learn the difference.

angela Said on

yes she does need to woman up and tell the truth.i didn’t like it but when me and my ex-husband got into it i would always omit the parts on what i did so when other people heard it, they would really come down on him.but you need to shed some light on the situation and let people know you wasn’t this perfect angel either

kimmie kim Said on

she makes me sick, looking all innocent on tv. she will never be roll model. i tell my daughter and my females cousins don’t hit first if you don’t want to get hit back, who do you think you are to hit first and don’t expect the man to to protect themselves. just like you he don’t want no bruises. She better be glad Chris is not my son. i will not buy her album or go to any of her concerts.

lagoure Said on

reach that route
all hell could break loose
she could of just dumped him and left it alone
and if she was so scared for her life
y did she say that she couldnt accept him not telling her the truth
but she never states what she said or what she did
then she goes on to say that even if she did hit chris it was still wrong for him to do that to her
but its okay for you to hit him
these double standards is what got her into this whole crap in the first place
granted i do think she cared about him and she didnt think things would get so bad
but at the same time she is a woman scorned and she thought she was invincible bc she hits other people
and usually blows a tantrum and gets away with it
well everyday is not saturday
im not even mad at her speaking out but she had nothing to say in court which is were she could really get her justice
but now she realized album sales and fake caring for young girls will hide the fact that im a crappy singer
i tired of all celebrities any artist using every day events which happens to ordinary people to speak out in order to get attention, rather it be record sales or trying to show the media that they have changed
its false advertisement and its not right for those who are out there looking for positive role models to encourage and inspire them to take the next step in order to avoid these types of situations.

girl friend Said on

Chris Brown is just human in such a way when being hit it several times its just natural to react back. Of course men hit harder than women but people be real, it does not make it right either for a woman to abuse a man or he will react. Its called respect. No matter what differnce you have wether man or woman , you don’t have the right to hit another person. When a man feels like you don’t respect him, he will react. They are human being.
Control your anger before you expect others to control theirs or they will lose it too.