Kandi on Biggie’s Xscape Diss

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, November 11, 2009 at 11:50 am.


Every fan of the late Notorious B.I.G. knows the song “Dreams” and the infamous line, “I’d rather f—k RuPaul than those ugly ass Xscape b—ches.”

It’s one thing to be called a bugawolf; it’s another to hear someone say I’d rather have sex with a man pretending to be a woman than you, you ugly mudduck real woman.

But as ya’ll know, Biggie died so it’s kind of hard to publicly speak about a dead legend who read you like Dr. Seuss.

But in an interview with The Urban Daily, Kandi Buruss discussed the controversial lyric and revealed that Biggie actually tried to “fly above” and apologize.

Check out the video to see what she has to say about Biggie apologizing to fellow Xscape member and reality star, Tiny, the night he died:

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ADORE Said on

Well Biggie is no longer with us and X-scape is no more… It really shouldnt matter what he said anymore. Its pointless to discuss. When men degrade us we should take it as a grain of salt and let it roll off our back like water off a ducks beak and keep it pushin.. why respond to someone thats calling you by anything else but your name? Again this shouldnt even be an issue.. one mans thoughts and opinion dont validate the women of X-scape. They were a great back in the day group and have landed some pretty successful good looking men since then, so clearly Biggies words didnt stop they flow. Lady Adore..

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