Keeping it Real With the Housewives of ATL: “We’re Not Friends”

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 9:00 am.

Sheree Whitfield, Lisa Wu Hartwell, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss

The second season of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta is over and apparently so are the housewives’ interactions with each other!  We caught up with the crew at the Soul Train Awards in Atlanta where Kandi Burruss and Sheree Whitfield told us that (surprise, surprise) when the cameras stop rolling so do their “friendships.”

It’s a working relationship,” Sheree told “We don’t hang out. I don’t wanna say it’s just for the show. We were put on the show and we were not friends so it’s something that you have to build. Am I saying that would never happen, no I’m not saying that? But right now, it’s just a working relationship.

We saw how Sheree works when she dealt with that party planner (veins popping, neck swinging, “who gon check me boo” screaming) and that sounds about right. Must’ve been an average day in the office when she rearranged Kim Zolciak’s wig?

We do not make up things for TV,” Kandi told “The arguments are real, the bonds…I don’t know about the bonds. I mean, of course because we have to be around each other for the show, you know? I don’t know if we would always hang out that much.

We knew their TV-edited friendships were as fake as their “housewives” titles; at least they’re keeping it real! Then again, these ladies never were good at faking the funk.

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king Tony Said on

I love you Kandi

latosha burnett Said on

kandi i love u and keep your head up dont let them get you down because nene i mess and lise is fake also! and sharea is fake to but i like kim alot. also i would like to no your web site

charlette Said on

gurl i loved u on the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ms.41 Said on

i luv all da A.T.L. housewives….yall r da bomb,lettin them kno real life #~@$…

heaven Said on

ha i love yall show and kandia heep your head up god blessed u i love u

Jessica Said on

I love You Kandi, You kept it so Real on the show and stayed out of everyones business, you should Have slaped nee-nee cause she needed it. Nee-nee didn’t do anything but keep drama started GROW UP!

Cheryl Said on

I love the show, and Kim does she realize that Big Poppa is not seen with her for a reason. He is married and Kim should look for an unmarried guy. How would she feel if Big Popp’s wife showed up and really let Kim know how she feels. I say leave Big Poppa alone, and find your own man. Maybe try working at making and spending your own money. What example are you showing your daughters. Pray on it . We love the show in Rochester New York. When will the next season starts?

Alicia Said on

I like everybody but sharee she is funny and cant b trusted i love lisa she can b a backstaper

Jasmin Said on

i love u guys but if u r gonna be on a tv show 2gther try 2 at least be friendly. Last year my fav was lisa this year its kandi. but nne is keepin it real so is eveyone else but kim does talk trash

Mel Said on

I like the show a lot. It’s very entertaining right before I go to sleep. I don’t really have a problem with Kim. I think she lets people bully her too much. Maybe she let’s these women do that to her for ratings, or maybe she’s just a masochist. Hopefully she’ll get a clue one day. ;o) As for Nene, I think she’s hilarious. I wonder where she met her husband. Was it the gentlemen’s club/strip club she worked at years ago? Just curious.

sweetie Said on

I really enjoyed the show…Big ups to Kandi…she was the realest, coolest, down to earth chic on there…not conceited or arrogant at all…if ghetto is the word..then so be it! She was the BOMB!! Lisa was cool too…no comments for the other two women!!

Odashia Said on

At least Kandi kept it “REAL” when talking to BET and said that we don’t make up stuff for TV and she explained why so thumbs up to her for sure. Its positive when you see her in the spotlight and she so humble and no nonsense type of woman so yeah thats whats up KB!!!! Love ya gurl and keep it REAL alwayz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mi mi Said on

I think that the housewives should try to work it out. They had a strong bond and friends last forever.

Poppa-J1120 Said on

I love seeing real life drama. This season was too fake for me. Kandi if you and Nene were to come to blows, I wouldn’t have been mad at’cha. Nene was good for being in somebodies face, tryna tower over’em, showing her dominance. But, to keep it real, I love all ya’ll. Nene being out spoken, Kim not backing down, Sheree standing on her own two feet when the chips have fallen, Lisa hold’n it down for her man and Kandi stay’n strong and above all da hataz.