Kelis On Rihanna Jacking Her Style

Published by Runteldat on Friday, December 11, 2009 at 12:00 am.


Because her album sales are usually lower than Tiger Woods’ dating standards (too soon?) chances are you might not always pick up on just how influential Kelis is.

But Beyonce certainly has and the same can be said about Rihanna. In fact, it’s a lot more obvious with Rihanna.

When I would read praise for Rihanna’s “daring” new hairstyle in the mainstream press my first reaction was, “Uh, Kelis did that two years ago.”

Many of Kelis’ other fans have noticed the “inspiration,” too and now Kelis herself is finally speaking on Rih-Rih jacking her style.

Here’s a video of Kelis sharing her thoughts on Lady GaGa and her obvious influence on Rihanna’s aesthetic:

Popbytes interviews Kelis! from Popbytes on Vimeo.

If you’re having trouble with the video, Kelis said:

“You know what, listen, it’d be totally ridiculous for me to not acknowledge it if someone asks. The reality is…what is she like 20? I mean, what else is she supposed to do? I mean honestly. I don’t have any animosity at all whatsoever. That’s what she’s supposed to do.”

Perhaps growing older or having a baby has made her gentler and kinder because Kelis was quite polite in how she answered the question.

It’s actually refreshing to see a singer speak on another without being catty or disrespectful.


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katina Said on


bonafideLOVE Said on

YOu sound like Rihanna $$%? rider.
Yes, Kelis shits all over Rihanna and Rihanna is nothing but a puppet. Just accept it. Nothing about Rihanna is original and she got EXPOSED once again for stealing style.
And you sound really stupid bringing up the child support situation. That is NOT your business, so why do you care? You not giving her the money so it shouldnt affect your life. Besides, she was MARRIED to Nas for 4 years and together for 7 years. If she was a gold digger, then she would’ve did it a long time ago. So before you wanna hate, state the facts cuz everything you saying is irrelevant and inaccurate.

isha KIMMIONS Said on

she needs to shut up the only single she had was milkshake and then im bossy rihanna is on a way higher level than kelis she cant even get her ex husband nas to pay her child support i wonder why he wanted a divorce she is delusional and she needs to go take care of her baby what king of name is knight for a baby anyways

dezi Said on

Kelis didn’t steal nothing from Rihanna

Delmar Said on

Go Kelis. We love you. You were doing off the wall fashions and hairstyles when the rest of the R&B world were playing it safe. She was one of those few Badu and India Arie and others who actually stepped out of the whole long hair, looking like a Barbie doll look to really embrace a more 80s glam-rock schtick and downright psychedelicness. Love Kelis!

Me Said on

First Kelis is not even close to being a groupie as Nas was her “husband” duh, vows before God, in case you (Que) didn’t know that. And Rihanna is hot, but call it what it is to say that Kelis had this style first. At some point, everybody jacks something from another artist, they should take it as a compliment and keep it moving and find new ways to reinvent themselves.

jesselyn Said on

honestly, nor kelis or rihanna r really da best if u ask me. rihanna is just a stupid #*~?* but sum of her songs r good. she tries 2 look cool but shes not. if i had 2 choose just between those 2 i would choose kelis. shes very real

jessiy Said on

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Yolanda Said on

I don’t mean any disrespect towards Kelis. I’m just tired of the rivalry among black singers that is created by the media and sometimes the artist themselves. I think we can appreciate everybody. It’s always going to be enough differences amongst the artists than similarities. The similarities are because we are human, and there’s nothing new under the sun.

Yolanda Said on

I don’t mean any disrespect towards Kelis because I really think she is a very good artist. She is creative and original. But anybody can have some influences from another artist. I just wish we could stop putting black female artists against one another. I’m a child of the 90s, and I remember when we had several black divas that we supported all at one time.

kenitha from Dallas Said on

theyre mentioning beyonce because when Ri first tepped into the game she looked awfully like bey…

Que Said on

Ppl marry ppl for what they have all the time, doesn’t make her any better than a groupie, she just got lucky, got a ring, and a baby out of the deal, or maybe even hoped by marrying Nas would up her popularity… nope she’s still played, still a three hit wonder, like I said, not a Rih fan, but if she’s a puppet, or biting style she’s still doing something waaaaaay better than Kelis, and no I didn’t pay anyone any money, but your getting upset as if Kelis pays you to hang on her p*$$^ hairs, calm down, you guys act as if they read this crap anyway, I just posted what I posted to see what lames would get riled up, and confrontational, and I see it worked. At the end of the day Kelis is still played.

Que Said on

Hold on…. LMAO!!!! Had to get that laugh in, needed a good one and you guys gave it to me. Can’t wait to see what comes next. Don’t take this stuff personal, it’s just blogging and commenting. KISSES, XOXO!

linlinda07 Said on

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trillafood Said on

Oh plz! Rihanna CLEARLY copied Kelis’ style from the “Kelis Was Here” era and Kelis did it 1 million times better too. Stop being so biased about the situation. Look at Bossy video from 2006. No black female artist were going for that look at the time. Every black female artist were rocking long blonde weave at the time and here comes Kelis with a edgy short black asymmetrical haircut.
A year later, Rihanna copy the EXACT haircut and starting to dress like Kelis as well. I also blame Urusla, Rihanna’s ugly hairstylist for copying Kelis’ style as well. Those hoes are so wack.

ChitaChatter Said on

Is that right….
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ChitaChatter Said on

Get her straight Kelis
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Nae Said on

I always liked Kelis and yes I agree she had a lot of hairstyles 1st

Tavan Scoggins Said on

Tavan19 12/24/2009 9:02 PM Kelis is a diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bossy is such an amazing song and the video is amazing

Tavan Scoggins Said on

Tavan19 12/24/2009 9:02 PM Kelis is a diva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bossy is such an amazing song and the video is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!