Um, Will and Jada’s Young Daughter is Half Bald!

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 3:00 pm.

Norway Nobel Peace Concert

God help the children! Rihanna, Cassie, Keyshia Cole, Kelis, etc’s half-bald hair do has trickled down to little ones!

Last Thursday, December 11, 2009, little Willow Smith, 9, accompanied her parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and brother Jaden Smith, 11, to the Noble Peace Prize Ceremony in Norway, honoring President Obama.

The youngest Smith took to the stage with her family to sing at the concert that followed, and she looked like she was following in the footsteps of some of today’s pop singers with half her head shaved with the rest in a short comb-over. Now,  I know Jada can be a eccentric (she’s rocked some interesting hair-dos herself while leading her rock group Wicked Wisdom and it looks like she let Jaden  jack his hairstyle from Erykah Badu!) but I’m not sure that I’m feeling this for a child!

See more pictures below, what do you think?



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tammi Said on

to be honest….she too young for that and our don’t always grow back…ok

TinaB Said on

It’s an ok hair style……for a much older person. I think because it’s Will and Jada’s baby that everyone is like, it’s cute, she can wear it, but see that on the street and you all would be like, what in the H was her parents thinking.

jessiy Said on

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Shae Said on

CuTE.! iLiKE iT♥

Deerose77 Said on

She’s cute. Her mom was always very spunky and rockandrollish. Her daughter is following footsteps. Leave them alone Dior.

Rona Said on

People are saying they won’t let their daughters get that haircut, well there are girls with full weaves in their heads so I say let it go, plus she rocks it way better than some of the celebs listed above

ganiero howard Said on

i am a fan of you i think you are hott!

leelee Said on

i think its cute its a hair style 4 real and besides she just a little girl people have all to say and always stay in celebs mouth so stay out of it

Lele Said on

OMG! Her hair is so cute on her!!!

sassy Said on


Interesting Said on

I am just glad the family is still together and they are happy black couple who are committed to one another!!!!

Ms. O Said on

Jada and Will are very outspoken when it comes down to style! I just don’t put nothing pass these two. All I can say is that I hope that somewhere in their parenting skills there’s some boundaries and morals being practice!!! Sure it’s hair and hair will grow back but she’s nine and that’s two grown up for a nine year old innocent little beautiful girl!!! I love the Smith Family eventhough they will cross the line at time but that’s how they roll!!!! LOL

Faye Johnson Said on

A Black American family went to Norway, to entertain, while a Black American President ; received the Nobel Peace Prize……….and you all want to talk about a child`s hairdo ???? How sad is that ?

Vane Said on

I think it is more the point that she is being given the opportunity to express herself. That is part of finding yourself.

MsMillie Said on

In the words of my she-ro, Ms India Arie, “I am not my hair.” Little Miss Willow you wear the hairstyle very well, you are a beautiful little princess. You do not have to have hair down your back to be beautiful-another thing that has screwed us up for years. Listen to India’s song carefully, if you want long hair grow it or buy it, but don’t knock the short styles–they rock too.

Tedd Groves Said on

It looks good to me! but, If they get teased by their little friends, maybe then they should consider changing it.

jordyn Said on

ok so no one cares when the boyz are flossin there mohawks but its a problem when a young girl does her thing, is it way out yes, could they have really hooked it up of course but we are talking about an 8yr old…. i commend her for being bold and a diva… do ur thing sweety brush the hators off… they mad cuh they scared to shave one side because it jus might not grow back @chickenheads

ab Said on

She’s cute. People remember they are creative people.

jael79 Said on

i’m thinking we should praise this little girl for her ability to speak a foreign language. not focus on her hair that will grow back. or are we waiting till it does to now notice this prepubescent child is bi-lingual.
what do we as humans value. vanity or intelligence

Shantrell Said on

I like it! I know she’s a child but it’s totally a “Rihanna” type of style that an older kid (8 and up) could rock as well! It fits her very well, very stylish. So get off the gas everyone it’s very cute!