Nas and Kelis Are Broke?

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 1:00 am.


Most of his stans hate it, but I love Nas’ “You Owe Me.” Kind of sad how that song now means more to Kelis than it does to him. And the IRS.

These two have been going back and forth over alimony and child support all year, but could much of it gone on in vain?

It seems both Nasir and Kelis aren’t bringing the money in as folks would expect.

Actually, we figured as much for Kelis, who complained about not having brought in much income over the years. Although she recently signed a new record deal with Interscope Records, of that $175,000 figure she told the courts that she only pocked about $50,000 of it.

As for Nas’ financial status, uh, let’s go back to the phrase you owe me.

Freddy O reports:

Nas also acknowledged that he has some serious financial obligations. The rapper stated that he owes 700-thousand-dollars to his manager and two-point-five-million-dollars in back taxes to the IRS. Nas went on to testify that he would not release a solo album next year, but did not discuss whether or not that included his Damian Marley collaboration, “Distant Relatives.” Following the hearing, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham ordered the emcee to pay Kelis 51-thousand-101-dollars a month in spousal and child support. Nas was reportedly paying nearly 40-thousand-dollars a month in temporary support. Wednesday’s ruling did relieve Nas of having to pay the 13-thousand-dollar a month mortgage on the pair’s Los Angeles home where Kelis currently lives.

So on top of having to cough up more than $50,000 to his ex-wife, he’s a good $3.2 million in debt. Send up a prayer for their financial status. Alimony, babies, and managers aren’t cheap…clearly.


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Kyler G Said on

It’s time to throw in the towel and ask Jay-Z for some financial assistance.

Max Said on

How is he broke when he’s paying $50,000 monthly in child support? What goes around, comes back around. So Whoever is in charge of this blog, these words will ring in your ear when YOU hit the skids…wait and see.

shareef Said on

So how does that make him broke? SMH at any dumbass being able to have a blog!

superdave Said on

They rich poeople broke. But if they aren’t planning making any money in 2010, then they’ll be poor people broke for sure( wink wink ). Nas isn’t a dumbmy nor is he stupid. You go on and believe he’s broke, come on seriously?!

Karen Said on

What a handsome couple. This is so sad that their marriage was demolished.

Darrell Said on

It does not sound like you are broke when you are paying 50k a month. Thi is more than a lot of people make in a year. The courts would not have ordered that if he did not have the income. What babys momma deserves 50k? Really. 13k a month mortgage? I don’t feel sorry for noone in this situation.