It’s Great To Be Tameka

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 11:50 am.


In a new interview with BE magazine, the ex-Mrs. Usher Raymond, Tameka Foster Raymond shed some light on why it continues to be good to be her despite…you know.

Here are some choice excerpts from her interview:

BE Magazine: What’s the BEst thing about BEing Tameka Raymond?

TR: You know I love being Tameka Raymond! Obviously, I love being a mother; like I said, that’s 1st & foremost. The Raymond part of it gives me a certain visibility to help others, for example, the work that I’m doing in the community with the girls, along with my other non-profit Which is The Oakland Natives, where we do backpack giveaways and school supplies. So I guess being Tameka Raymond really gives me that visibility. I do not consider myself a celebrity in any shape form or fashion, but I’d be in denial if I didn’t admit that I have a higher visibility than the average person. I like to be me.

BE Magazine: Break down the family aspect that you have & how that relates to you and entertainment.

TR: I’m really awful when it pertains to my entertainment aspect. I do not watch television, I just have so much going on & my mind is so busy…it just goes a mile a minute all the time, so I don’t really have the time to sit and watch the boob-tube. I don’t even sit on the computer often. I have assistants & a great team, so anything I need like emails, they print them out for me, so I’m not just sitting on the Internet a lot. I do like Twitter (as she laughs)!!!! Twittter is my entertainment. Everybody’s gotta have a vice, so I like that. I like it because I can communicate with different people. People send me any pertinent news, so I get my fair share of the scoop. I like to read a lot too. I’ve got an amazing book collection, so I sit and do that. That’s my personal situation, but as far as being a mother, that’s a juggling act daily. I have a that’s 19, so I deal with his issues of being 19, but then I have a 1 year old son, so there’s a broad spectrum. Anything you can imagine from a parenting aspect, I’ve experienced it or am going through it. That’s why I don’t have time for TV.

She doesn’t watch TV, but was rumored to be trying to get her own reality show or join a popular one (The Real Housewives of Atlanta). She says she barely stays online but has been involved in a number of beefs with ATL-based bloggers.

I guess if you continue to play around with the truth everything can be as good as you want it to be.

Or wait, maybe I’m a “hater.” If so, she has a message for them, too:

BE Magazine: It’s no secret that you’re currently in the middle of controversy at it’s worst; what does Tameka tell the HATERS?

TR: I don’t even address them. They’re not even on my radar! All I tell a hater is to CATCH UP! If folks say the wrong things [on Twitter], it’s a simple function…I hit the BLOCK because the the block is hot! It’s simple & beautiful.


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product of jersey Said on

OMG shes old I didnt know she had a 19 year old teenager how can she still push kids, dang lol shes like 40 cougar!!!

Sandy Said on

She says that she that uses her visibility to give back to others, and that she has a great team. I guess that only applies when she’s in the mood. She was supposed to perform at the school where I teach (she reached out , we didn’t go looking for her), she reneges the day before. My daughter was supposed to attend her recent Christmas Retreat in Atl (again she reached out), but I had to jump through hoops to get a return call from her publicist. Only to then be told that they had chosen all the girls for the retreat, when initially it wasn’t a matter of choosing, it was a NEED on their part. She needs to either retire or get her ish together. She will do more harm in the community than good at the rate she’s going.

NIKA Said on

I have a son 19 and I’m 35,I don’t believe that 35 or 38 is old,not even 40,unless your a 16 year old.Boo Boo you will be that age one day as well,God willing.

BE Mag Fan Said on

I can’t say that I’m a MANmeka Raymond fan, never have been. But after reading the article on, I have a different respect for her as a humanitarian.

BEBE_22 Said on

she ugly as hell

BLOG Lover Said on

garylove Said on

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Peaches Said on

I am 37 with an 18 year old son, And might I add when we are out together people automatic thinks that he is my boyfriend, So age doesn’t matter….But she does look more of a man than her ex-hubby and no one is hating on her she just needs to get her ISH together.REAL TALK ….HIT THE BLOCK B-CUZ THE BLOCK IS HOT…..LMAO.