Essence Takes Heat For Reggie Bush Cover

Published by Dior Noir on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


When Essence editors chose to put Reggie Bush on the cover of their February 2010 “Black Men, Love & Relationships” issue, I’m sure they thought they were just giving their readers a little dose of sexual chocolate eye candy (those abs!), but instead all hell broke loose!

The boards are flooded with seething comments from people who can’t understand why a magazine geared towards Black women would make the NFL player who is dating a non-Black woman, Kim Kardashian, the cover choice for an issue that celebrates Black love.

Here’s a sample of the backlash:

Why is there a white supremacist on the cover of Essence magazine? Because any person who thinks white women are better is indeed a white supremacists. Having this man on the cover is beyond offensive to me as an African American woman. He is just another crude reminder of all the black men who perpetuate racism against black women, by rejecting them and showing the utmost disrespect by choosing to date non-black women, Reggie Bush is even more offensive since his mate is nothing but some white trashy woman. I suspect those of you you do agree with this mess are either Aunt Jemima’s or products of an interracial relationship.

This Brotha don’t dig us, so why, pray tell, do we have to see his face staring back at us, on a magazine that celebrates US? This disappoints me. It’s an insult! Later for Reggie Bush and all the other Brothas who turn their back on the black woman once they are successful.

“Why put a man who clearly prefers the bottom of the barrel of white women than a good black woman on your cover? Clearly, he has no love for the sisters. This magazine is supposed to empower black women not remind us of the disadvantages that we face in today’s society. Please don’t insult our intelligence.”

(There are dozens more comments along the same lines, but you get the point)

The February issue featured 10 black men, including Idris Elba, LL Cool J and Lance Gross in the cover story so they could’ve easily picked another one of those men as the first image you see on their Black love issue, but is it really that big of a deal or are people just making an issue out of nothing? What do you think?


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Anonymous too Said on

I agree w/ anonymous. I’m not offended at all. I also wonder why some folks are so angry. Just b/c Reggie is dating an Armenian woman (Armenians are NOT Anglo Saxon), doesn’t mean he has never cared for or dated a “sista”. And why does black love have to be between two black people? Isn’t black love any love that comes fr. someone who is of the black persuasion or who loves someone who is black. It’s a good thing for people to date and love outside their economic level, local community, culture, and yes race – it promotes understanding and ultimately leads to people treating each other better. We are all God’s children, so why keep buying into separatist, racist ideals of segregation? Let’s love each other as God loves us all.

WTF Said on

Ok people, I am tired of black women speaking out about black men dating outside of their races. Stop soundling like a bunch of bitter, hard-up females. Move on with your life and live your life to the fullest. Reggie does not want your black ass, he wants Kim’s white ass, so get over it. Alot of black women are coming off as jealous, insecure women. Find love yourself and move forward. It is obvious that Kim and her sister like black guys, hell have you looked at their body types, white men consider then overweight and black men will date any white woman as long as she has a pulse. So don’t get offended, it’s not your loss, because truth be told, black men have always wanted what white men have tossed aside. Think about it.

Antoinette Said on

Reggie is young and doing what he wants to do. If he marries Kim that will be a surprise to me. I am a black women married to a black man and it does not bother me that he is dating a white women that’s his preference. We as black women can not worry about what the man is doing if he is not your man. You can only worry about your relationships. Date who you want to date, you can only worry about yourself. How long do we have to put stipulations on love, black or white. I will complement him. He does represent one of America’s sexiest men.

RoRo Said on

I am disappointed in the ignorance people possess when it comes to social issues. As a single “black” female I feel that most of the people that are going to have anything negative to say are bitter “black” single females who are probably single because they are ignorant, judgmental, angry, and put to much thought into what others do in their personal lives. They are just looking for excuses as to why they can’t find a man. For one Kim Kardashian is not white she is Armenian. Second is Russell Simmons “a sale out” I don’t recall him being married to a woman of full black decent, and he is one of the most successful “black” entrepreneurs I know. Now I know that this issue is to support love, weather it be black yellow purple or green, I get it but love does not have a color. I have dated outside my race have been in love with a black man and someone of a different race, I even have a child that is “biracial” as a result of my “interracial” dating. I think people are really immature when it comes to this issue. Think about it would Obama be here if his daddy wasn’t a “sell out” and dated his white mama, did they not at one point and time celebrate “Love”. Let’s be real and stop making mountains out of molehills.

candymelt Said on


Vanessa Said on

I’m a 24 year old black female and I am so sick of this ignorant racial BS that so many other black females pollute the airways with. So freakin what he’s dating an Armenian girl, at least he’s happy and in love. Why would you want to take that away from someone on the result of skin color? I think if a magazine wants to cater to the pure selfishness of black women and what they feel they have the right to deem what is acceptable in other people’s lives, than that magazine shouldn’t be around. I hope Essence offers no apology, because they are not required to give one. Prejudice people need to grow up and stop trying to limit other black people in their dating life.

Jessica M Said on

I am outraged by the comments being made about the Reggie Bush cover…please tell me when Reggie said he prefered white women? And for all the ignorant ass people out there…KIMBERLY NOEL KARDASHIAN IS NOT WHITE…SHE IS HALF ARMENIAN WHICH MAKES HER A WOMAN OF COLOR…see this is why black women lose their men to non black women in the first place…they are haters and they are bitter…seriously yall need to check yourselves and not put down Reggie and Kim’s relationship because of your own insecurities. I can’t believe people are being so rude and racist. But actually I shouldn’t be surprised because as a light-skinned woman I’m constantly having to deal with other black women hating because of their low self-esteem. Everyone who has a problem with the cover needs to grow up and open up their minds and STOP. HATING. I think Kim and Reggie make a beautiful couple and I hope they continue to have a strong and prosperous relationship.

Yucely Said on

WOW! first of all kim is not WHITE! I believe they look beautiful together, and it’s ppl like yourselves why black man don’t look at your direction. If your sooooo mad, step your game up. Only The strong only survive. I’m MEXICAN AND MADLY IN LOVE WITH A BLACK MAN WITH TWO BEAUTIFUL KIDS. Love comes in all shapes, size and color!!!

Nita Said on

Firstly, Kim is considered WHITE! I really don’t care who Reggie Bush dates but I don’t understand why he is on a cover geared toward Black women. The choice was very poor. Should have been on Ebony Magazine. I guess all the controversy will increase circulation.

Theresa Said on

There is nothing wrong with interacial dating. However, you don’t put a man that’s dating a woman that’s not black on the cover of a magazine that’s geared towards black women to speak about black relationships. That doesn’t make any sense. And furthermore when you’re cheating, how can you speak about maintaining a relationship.

cnynii Said on

People, please Kim is NOT black. Period. For the record, Kim’s mother IS white-irish.
Please don’t use Halle and Paula as examples as they are both mixed women. No comparisson to Bush. Plus, they’re not on the cover of a magazine talking about black love.

John Said on

The Kardashian children are of dutch/scottish ancestry on their mother’s side and so they can certainly be considered “white.”

For some, Armenia is a part of Europe.

Beautiful One Said on

Yucely do not imply that black women are racist. It sounds to me as if you are because you are generalizing all black women. You are probably with a weak minded individual who allows you to think that about black women! Just stop your racist thinking! Come around more black women become more diverse in your thinking!

Caroline Said on

I was very surprised to see Essence put this man on the cover of a
magazine tailored to black women. Its like a slap in the face.
Someone said black women on another forum that black women were insecure and racist…hmmm…Maybe if this socieity did not promote European beauty as the ideal form of beauty, it would be different, maybe if 70% of black women were not single and forced to look outside their race for a man (even though in their heart many want a man of their race), that would not be a problem, maybe if our little girls were not given subliminal messages that they are ugly, that would not be a problem, maybe if we were not saturated with white images of beauty, even on BET, that would not be
a problem. Maybe if there was not a noticeable amount of black men
dating outside their race, that would not be a problem. There is far
too many social factors at play here other than the simple “black
women are insecure and racist.” If the shoe was on the other foot,
where black women outnumbered white women were dating/marrying white
men and white women had problems finding a white man, the sentiments
would be the same among many white women.

Tania Said on

I finally convinced my mother to cancel her subscription over this crap. Essence is supposed to be a BLACK WOMENS’ magazine devoted to LIFTING UP the Black woman. Men who do not spend their resources, intimacies, and time lifting up the black woman should not have a spot in her specific magazine. All of that “love is blind” yada yada…is off task. He can choose who he wants to sex. Black women should not have to make him richer because of it. The subject is Essence for Black women, people. Focus.

Missy Said on

I think that many of you are missing the point. The issue is about love and relationships. The magazine is patroned primarily, if not solely, by black women. If we were haters, bitter, or angry we would not smile when we see the love of Will N Jada, Denzel N Pauletta, Bill N Camille or my personal favorite, President & Mrs. Obama. We are realist! Those are examples of real, committed love. Some say this is a cry for attention…maybe. Because since the days of slavery black men have NEVER been strong enough to cover us. You have been weak. powerless. Even unto this day many are too weak to make their own choices. Instead, you let society make it for you. The black men are the ones who are bitter and angry. They want us to stand with them while they ramble about “the man” yet they wont go get a job to take of their family. Weak! There is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial dating or marrying. Black men, don’t blame us for your short comings nor for standing up and speaking out against this magazine that takes our money, goes to the bathroom on us and tells us it’s rain. The black man has stood for nothing since the days of Dr King. Yet, you fall for everything – don’t blame us! That is why we had to become strong – because you are so weak. Where were you even during Mike Vick, Plexico and now Agent 0 are going through. You wont even stand up for each other. And “Brothas” don’t act like it does not bother you when Sistas are on the arm of a non black man. You just wont go on a blog and talk about it. But, O my Gosh, the looks!? And the questions, like you know a sista – please. Bee Happy!

yo Said on

I love that the above quote recalls as their favorite couple Mr and Mrs Obama when Mrs Obama herself is in an interracial relationship. Do we forget about his WHITE momma?

K. Nola Mokeyane Said on

Oh Please! I’m so over this stupid race talk that I don’t know what to do with myself! The trick of the enemy continues to manifest itself w/ every ignorant, divisive comment about why we shouldn’t support those in our community who date outside of their “race.” Again, y’all, race ain’t even real! Every single person who attaches an emotional sentiment to race legitimizes it (in their own minds, of course) but it’s not real, it does not exist, it is simply a sociological construction that has been perpetuated by our society and has metastasized into something that we can’t even rationalize anymore. Instead we just get mad when we’re single and we see a fine brother who has married a person of a different ethnic background. Let me tell you how race isn’t real: Kim Kardashian is Armenian, which is very close to the Mediterranean Sea, where it starts to get gray when we try to categorize those people! Good! Whiteness was born in America so technically that ain’t even her crap, that’s our crap to deal with! I’ve got so much to say about this, but black women wonder why they’re single! Because our men don’t want to deal with our outdated opinions and bitterness towards EVERY DAMN THING! Let’s start practicing love, people! Please! Just love everything! Love what you dislike, love what you can’t understand, but just be loving! Once this takes place our perspectives will shift and we will attract more of what we want and desire out of life! Stop perpetuating the lies!

emmanuel Said on

Man its 2010 its time to start easing up on the race barriers. They make it seem like its a crime to date somebobdy that isnt black she’s from the middle east. Beside Reggie bush neva said he hated black women its just he found somebody that interested him and has the qualities that interest him thats all. We all know black women are beautiful im a black man myself i luv yall to death but at the same time if u met somebody that u connected with on a mental physical and emotinal level. I think race shouldnt matter. Let not discriminate lets be happy they put on positive black male like reggie Bush who isnt degrading women or going to jail.To be honest we wouldnt no much about him if it wasnt for kim k. the guy seem s like the private type ya know.And we looking at it the wrong way Essence is celebrating black men in this issue 95 percent of the magazines dont do that. I actually was impressed and now im tryna figure out a way how i can be in one of these issues

White SUpreme? Said on

Are you serious. You all need to get a grip and be thankful there even is a magazine that celebrates black women. Why hate on Reggie bush because he is black and a fine example of a black man who is doing well. A good role model for younger black men from the south who will only aspire to be a gangsta rapper! All of you need to get a FIRM GRIP. Very few of the black women here in the south care about themselves. They are ghetto fabulous super snapping bitches. THATS WHAT THEY Aspire to be. They love it. Thats not attractive. Kim is white trash? Your so jealous you hater! You had too much haterade this morning or every morning. Shes got money and you don’t she has Reggie and you don’t. It’s people like you who will forever keep this issue alive. I have mixed family members however I am white. You can never tell me anything is wrong with the person you love just wont happen. “dont insult our intelligence” ???? you did that when you wrote Brotha and sistas … see there GHETTO leave it behind u. you cant can u? do you see all white people wanting to listen to country music ? No so why then do almost all black people want to talk like they have no intelligence when clearly they should. Its how you represent yourself think about it . This is America you have as much chance as I do in this day and age and obviously are starved for attention and want someone to feel sorry for you or give u a handout. your probably on welfare and sell crack because thats all you can do right? no b/c u can get a job . So cry a river somewhere else … Caroline its not our fault that society is this way its yours for not doing what you need to do and not worrying about what everyone else does. Find you a black man Sista and make him want you. Ro Ro and Vanessa said it best! Im glad to see yall have a progressive form of mind and want to move towards something better in the future instead of draggin mud out of the past. dont give up