Keyshia Cole’s Sister Responds

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 12:00 am.


That other sister of Keyshia Cole, Elite Noel, reached out to ATL-based blogger, Freddy O, to release a statement in response to Keyshia Cole’s declaration that she’s not really fooling with the kinfolk like that anymore.

Care to read it, here it go:

To: All Those Who Are On The Outside Looking In,

Now I cant speak for others I can only speak for myself. I have done Absolutely nothing wrong! I was asked a question by Fans and I Responded with a Truthful and Honest answer! It is K.C’s choice not speak and have no communication with me for her own Personal Issues! I Believe that My Son and My Sister Neffe’s Children should not be Involved.I have supported My Sister Keyshia in her Career,became her Personal Assistant at one point,love her genuinely,and even Supported her decision on dating Mr.Gibson! Ive Earned and Worked for everything i have received in the last 4years. I Pray someday we will all realize that we are Family and must stick together! Hopefully Keyshia will allow her Biological Family be apart of her New Family, I would Hate to miss out on the joy of her New Addition(Baby Boy Or Girl) After all we’ve been through,were all human,no one is perfect,no family is exempt! Indeed My Mother Frankie needs Help and I Intend to do everything I can, but i will never Disown nor give up on her just because of the Judgement of people cold/cruel Hearts. She gave me Life and I Respect her for that.

I Trust, Believe and have Faith in GOD which is why I’m blessed(Appreciative and Grateful) Through all the Challenges that comes my way their is a Lesson Learned, I’m taking notes and ready to take these Challenges Head On. I have not used anyone!!!!!!! Held my own even before the Lights, Camera, Action! My Mother has done things that any parent would for her children but she does not take care of me under any circumstance(nor anyone else for that matter) My son is well taken care of by me and his father as well. No one owes me anything! I GRIND daily and will continue to do so while still have a Loving,Supportive Adoptive Family By My Side who has been there since birth. When you have PEACE and HAPPINESS within yourself then their is nothing no one can do or say to take that away……No Love Lost……Live to Love Life ELITE NOEL

Clearly Keyshia cut the funds for real because Elite didn’t let a real publicist or at least a homegirl who was good in English III in high school look this over for her.

No matter, though, ya’ll get the gist of what she’s saying – she thinks Keyshia could’ve still cut for the family.

I’ll let you all weigh in on which option you would choose.


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sunshine Said on

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whateva Said on

So what if she wrote it herself? Keyshia Cole’s letter is not without error.

“It’s very important to both Daniel and I” is from a sentence in her letter, that’s not proper english! People seem to think when they add “and I” at the end of a sentence it makes it proper….WRONG! In this case it should’ve read “Daniel and me”.

Catch 22 Said on

I just hope that whatever is going on with them, gets resolved and that they quit releasing statements. Some things need to be kept as family business. However, for Keyshia to realease one, some things really must have gotten out of hand. I will say that there are things being done and said on youtube, check it out for yourself. And while this is my speculation, I am not sure if whatever has been going on with her and Neffe, just started, I think it has built up over time. Once again, on Youtube, Neffe released a statement clarifying that Keyshia was not doing much for her, that she had been married ten years and has had things, I am assuming from her marraige. Basically she was saying she may ask for things every now and then, but pay close attention to the tone of the message.

Catch22 Said on

And if you have been paying attention, when you see Keyshia out, she has not been with Neffe, Elite or Frankie. I believe she began distancing herself shortly before the Frankie and Neffe Show. I t was reported she wasnt too happy about the show seeing the light of day. Furthermore, think about like this, Keyshia wanted to bring both famalies together, and what happened? A bunch of bs. She reached out, doing things out of the goodness of her heart ..things started poppin up on youtube, people start releasing statements and talking to the media about Keyshia’s personal life, acting a fool in front of the camera… and at the end of the day all of that falls back on Keyshia.

Catch 22 Said on

Imma say this though, I have to be fair. So Neffe and Elite may be looking like, okay, but you sought us out and placed us on tv. You introduced us to reality tv. And you wanna see us do good, right? We family right? So, why be mad if we got a spin off of your show? We all like rally’s up in here, we gotta eat. Neffe has not released a statement as of late,, but Elite has. However, Elite has said some other things such as she’s not gonna be quiet anymore, been quiet for too long…..What does that mean? Is she gonna keep releasing statements or telling Keyshia’s business? That will only make the situation worse. it may all just be a matter of a big misunderstanding, who knows? All of what I have said is pure assumption based on what I have been hearing and reading, staements included.

lafda Said on

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qu3tta Said on

ppl pls leave keshia alone she got all of them together at least tried, the way dat they acted when she took them on vacations n to dinners yall saw the show,baby if my family cut up like dat i wouldn’t have much to do wit them either neffie acted a fool ova there n another state n her moma n da fam cut up on da boat.. neffie up der wit no panties on doin splits gurl u knew u aint hav on no panties uuuuuggghhh too much even fo me but keshia has to live her life good they got a spinn off from da show now they can earn thier on mony n bac off ha sweetie if ur readin dis take time fo ur self im not sayin dnt be involved wit them but they have to live up to ur life n at least be respectful of what u done fo dem so far u didnt have to bring them n. n moms she would have spent some mo time n da ben if u didnt go see ha, she was released early. get ur self together,hav a love life n get bac to ur work dats all u owe anyone…luv ya ya work iz amazin let go n let god “”"”"”"”"”.

Dana Dane Said on

There comes a point and time in your life were you need to fly your own angel wings! A person can only take soooo much in their lives it’s not giving up on your FAM it’s basic; walk and fly your own life. Find and spread your own angel wings AFTER the HELP has been give many times!

debrakilgore Said on

Keshia, from what I have seen; you have made the right choice. You did the best that you could; that is all that you can do. You must keep yourself sane for the sake of your child. Sometimes people are in such bad shape that money won’t even help them. I have seen this in my own family. I had to do what you have done, walk away.

sns Said on

Keyshia is has a very nasty and stank ass attitude..dats y jeezy gave her ass da BOOT!!!

Champ Said on

SNS– you have some nerve…. Whenever a women wants to be in control of her life…she has a stank attitude! I don’t blame Keyshia. You can take the horse to the water but you can’t make it drink! Keyshia tried bringing success to her family… Life is way to short… If distancing yourself will give you a peace of mind then so be it… Every man for themselves GOD for us all! They need Jesus not Keyshia!

Liberty Said on

Keisha did what she could for her family. They have serious, serious issues and will pull her down if she keeps them in her close circle. Not to mention that she will end up supporting various lifestyles and habits that do not need to be financed. With B-folks unfortunately..they higher you climb, the further away you end up from blood. It has always been like that for the “folk” and always will be. You can love them from a distance Keisha…but live YOUR life.

mzbee Said on

I have supported Kiesha from day 1 but to say you rarent talking to your mother nor sisters is just crazy! First off no mater what your mother do or have done at the end of the day she is still your mother. If she feels so embarressed or whatever about her kin get them HELP!!!! Remember your mother brought you in this world no matter who raised you it was her choice to give you life. Kiesha is failing to relize that she introduced her family to the public so part of the problems that the family is going through started form her too!!!! Get it together Kiesha you only have one family!!!!

shauna123 Said on

I would to add it does not matter how much money a person can give, but if the other counterparts are truly messed up, whereas counsenling can’t help; than yes back away. This what Keyshia must realize that people can bring her down right along with every moral and value that is instilled in her. Sometimes people can and will run out (expect you to do everything, with nothing begin said), and its a dam shame that family can’t get along over someelse’s assets. Keysh, You do you and yours and let them do them and theirs. F em that can’t make or break you. I understand why some people don’t want to help others especially family their the worst ones.


keshia havin a baby