Fantasia Thought Twice About That Tattoo

Published by Dior Noir on Thursday, January 14, 2010 at 2:40 pm.


Since the rumors began that Fantasia Barrino was dating a married man (with kids) named Antwaun Cook, a huge tattoo that read “Cook” popped up on the singer’s chest. Of course Fantasia has denied the relationship but she even went so far as to deny the tattoo telling Honey Magazine in November “I have no tattoo on my shoulder, [that rumor] was very well put together! I wear my body out more purposefully now and when I’m walking I see people checking, ‘Like does she have a tattoo there?’” That’s even after the pictures surfaced which clearly showed the cursive script tattoo pictured above (we can actually read ‘Tasia!).

Anyway, after making several appearances with clothes that cleverly hid the tattoo in question, Fantasia stepped out in a revealing number and perhaps she was tired of trying to deny that original tattoo because it’s been morphed into a decorative (?) blob:



Hmmm maybe she got her side chick status revoked after all.


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Re-Re Said on

If she was going to regret it or try to cover it up so poorly then she should have never got it. I mean I don’t know what it is with people getting tattoos of who they are dating. Not even married to that person but wanna prove your love I guess by inking their name on your body. Now she has that hedious blob of ink on her shoulder. Mind you she is darker so she can’t even get any color to really help it look a little bit more decent. Poor Tasia!! I hope she has learned her lesson after this one.

Deb Said on

I’m very disappointed in Tasia disfiguring her body like that< Fantasia, talentative, black and naturally beautiful you didn't have to go there!!!!!!

Lil Deb Said on

Fantasia, you were born beautiful and was given such great talent. You didn’t have to go there!!!!!!

Carter Said on

I don’t understand. She makes enuff money to get it removed!! Why would you paint over it now its a mess… Come on….

fall Said on

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chandra Said on

tasia is a grown woman who do not need your opinons. let her make her choices and mistakes and worry bout your own….

Ms.Frank Bank Said on

Everybody needs mind thier own business.

Ms.Frank Bank Said on

Everybody make mistakes,Fantasia has been through alot ,it’s her business she is a grown woman she can do what she want to do.The world needs be worried about the people in Haiti. Fantasia baby keep making music for the people. WE LOVE YOU FANTASIA.

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daiza roberts Said on

everybody leave fantasia alone real talk mind yall own……fantasia is the best singer ive none so gone had gurl and do yo thang i aint mad atcha….peace…&&….

Anita Said on

I think she was stupid to mess with a married man in the first place.

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CAROLB Said on

There is nothing wrong with a tattoo but it start looking ugly when you start looking like a walking bill board taste is everything. l Love you voice!

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evelyn Said on

Fantasia you have a great voice. I think gospel is our calling..

Mrs. Drane Said on

Fantasia sweetie I am a true fan, I have been since Idol. (Sent many votes your way) I believe your calling is the GOSPEL. Your singing has a lot of soul to it and you would get plenty of support. Remember Jesus loves you !!!!!

Troy Said on

Maybe this is exactly what Fantasia needs in order to get all those freeloading family members out of her house. Perhaps a strong affair with this dude whose fine as phukk can help her get her house in order. Plenty of good vitamin D is good for the soul. Besides, I’m sure Mr. Cook was not happy with his wife in the first place, and him meeting Fantasia was a way out of a sad situation. I know she must be milkin’ it. I’m happy for her, but I know it looks bad to the public. People need love, that’s all to it. People need love.