Kelis, WTH Are You Wearing!? Again!

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


Kelis revived her old lesbian rumors when she was spotted kicking it with her “BFF” Dania Ramirez at Voyager night club in Hollywood last weekend but I’m less interested in who she’s asking to “Blindfold Me” in the bedroom…all I want to know is why would any “friend” of hers ever let her step out the house like that!?

The grandma-gray colored mullet? That Bollywood nose ring? The stuffy button up/broach combo to the club?  She did say if Nas isn’t paying for an expense, it’s not getting paid, so is being broke what’s causing her recent fashion crisis?

She channeled the Statue of Liberty and added a crown to the gray mullet at the Sundance Film Festival:


Wore the same ‘do and scared the world when she showed up in this freakish Avatar ensemble–complete with fake blonde lower eyelashes, a spandex catsuit and and Alexander McQueen heels– at last week’s Data Awards:


And got PETA’s panties in a bunch when she wore this Cruella DeVille look last month (I would almost rather see her reach for this hat again to cover up her latest hairstyle! Almost.):


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved Kelis’ eclectic style. She’s was setting trends way back when Rihanna and Lady Gaga where just regular looking girls-next-door named Robyn and Stefani. Lately though….notsomuch.  Maybe she’s too busy being a mom to care about what she looks like  (or what we think about it!) and that’s fair but I really miss the fly, Bossy Kelis of the past!

What do you think of Kelis’ recent style choices?

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she Said on

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LeLe Said on

She just dont care and I dont either.

fleshTONE Said on

As long as shes happy thats all that matters. Why ppl care so much what these celebs wear and what not? Your opinion doesnt matter so why state it? Kelis doesnt hear you and I’m sure she doesnt read these hateful blogs. Kelis has been doing her since she came out and its not going to stop. Just deal with it and go on with your lives.

shame Said on

It is very obvious that Kelis does not care but she is gone to care when her album FLESHTONE goes PLASTIC!

.acapella Said on

I doubt if she cares if it goes aluminum. Kelis just wants to make good music, she doesnt care about sales. If she did, she would’ve stop making music a long time ago. As long as the music is good, which Kelis continues to deliver great music is all dat matters.

cinnamon Said on

Yes, she is getting YOUR ATTENTION, that is what she WANTS and that is what she is RECEIVING. She has really been in the headlines lately all due to FASHION!!!! HE-HE-HE…SUCKERS…♥♥♥SHE LIKE IT I LOVE IT♥♥♥