Flavor Flav Owes 63k In Back Child Support

Published by Runteldat on Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 11:50 am.


You would think since Ray J can tweet about $2 million dollar bonuses from VH1 for his reality series that the archetype of the reality dating competition format would be rolling in dough himself.

But, you have to take into consideration that Flavor Flav might have the same business savvy as a MC Hammer or Worldcom executive.

Or if he’s not lacking money, he certainly doesn’t have much in organization skills.

Whatever the case, the Public Enemy legend might want to give his accountant a call so his baby mama will get the law off his back.

An Albany, New York child support collection unit is seeking $63,458 in back child support from Flav for three of his kids.

Mary Parker, whom Flav has three children with, got an increase in child support from $117 a week to $837.72 a week in addition to money to pay for private school.

Flav says he had no idea he owed money.

He tells the New York Post:

“The judgment is recent as I was just made aware of it. I’ll certainly be addressing it. However, I’ve made payments on my children’s tuition, and have made direct payment to the mother outside of the court order.”

If a man wears a clock around his neck there’s no excuse to be late on child support.

Get it together, Flav.


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lanieboo Said on

boy get yo box lookin ass

jahmall Said on

boy you look a hot mess

Shalonndramarie Said on

I didnt care for Flavor Flav after he was fighting the power in the ninety’s and then kissing on white girls in the New millineum, then I was back cool with him because he said “A Man that doesn’t take care of his Kids,didnt deserve to have any good fortunes come to him” what happen Flav, you didnt live by your own merit, back to being Cool on you, get it together remember where your Blessing grow from……Peace

Lia Said on

Flavor Flav needs to grow up and take care of his children and stop having more than he needs to afford. Besides who would want to sleep with him yuk! nasty ass and his show was ghetto and so was the girls….get o life