Kevin Hart’s Jokes About Dark Skinned Women

Published by Runteldat on Friday, February 19, 2010 at 12:00 am.


What’s got Kevin Hart so angry?

Well the comedian made a bit of a joke at the expense of dark skinned women on Twitter and surprise, surprise, people actually decided to tweet him back and let them know that joke was about as funny as ex-con’s job prospects.

What was the joke? Here it goes:


Are you laughing yet? Yeah, me either.

Even though Kevin is right in pointing out that telling jokes comes with the territory of being a comedian, it’s about time he and other comics realize that if you tweet something offensive you will get e-jumped by the public at large.


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T.C.L. Said on

I must say that was a dumb A** move on Kevin’s part!! What the hell was he smokin? Does he need that much attention? Maybe he needs 2 fall back 4 a minute!!

Shivon M Bryant Said on

As a light skin black women. I’m offended. I think Black men like yourself need to grow up. What if someone make a choke about short man with a short brain. Dude look in the mirror you are obviously a $$~~? ass. All women of color are beautiful. and for the record when you make any stupid comments about black women whether they are light skin or dark skin you’re referring to yourself. the women image comes from a man so get your *?## together before you make a dumb ass comment like that. Tell some real chokes………

jackee Said on

i can’t believe that little black monkey said something like that . He better watch out big time now. it’s the end of his career

debrakilgore Said on

Kevin Hart your joke wasn’t funny; that is probably why I have never heard of you before. I am a dark skinned sista with GREAT CREDIT thank you very much. I most certainly will not be checking out any of your shows.

Shereese is your next academy award winner Said on

It was funny, he’s a comedian! Like he said dont take it personal and stop being too sensitive.

Monie Said on

Kevin i use 2 like u but not anymore u black rat

Tiffany Said on

Think before speak that can make little dark skinned girls feel bad. You are dark skinned to you forgot or what.

bobo Said on

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jharrismurray Said on

Well i think it was a nice joke, if your gonna get on him for that then you need to get on every comedian in the world. i jus went to the laughathon in cincinnati and there was so much talk about how white women suckin, bet yall sistas aint get mad at dat. now yall wanna get all soft… girl plz.. whateva

shalonndramarie Said on

That was lame, and so is he. Its Black History Month,get a serious clue,you couldn’t think of anything else to come out of your unfunny mouth,besides putting down your own Queens? I understand a joke is a joke but when your not funny its extremely insulting. Never ever give the Enemy ammo they have enough as it is. Hope you take the rest of Black History Month and get Schooled.