J. Lo Plays Rihanna on SNL and Rih Rih Needs Yor Help!

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

Over the weekend Saturday Night Live came back strong from a hiatus and opened the show by going IN on the “We Are the World 25 For Haiti” single. Guest Jennifer Lopez showed her sense of humor by playing a pretty convincing Rihanna in the sketch!

Kenan Thompson kicked things off as Quincy Jones and echoed criticism of the 2010 remake of the wildly famous 1985 collab saying “‘Recently, the music world came together to record ‘We Are the World 2,’ a song to raise awareness of the Haiti earthquake disaster; sadly, the song itself was a disaster.” Before introducing the spoof “We Are the World 3: Raising Awareness of the ‘We Are the World 2′ Disaster” Keenan as “Quincy” joked that while the original song featured powerhouse entertainers like Michael Jackson and Tina Turner the latest version featured a “sloppy mess of half-famous Brandos” (shots fired!).

The whole thing is pretty hilarious and features versions of celebs that didn’t make the WATW2 cut but check  J. Lo kicking it off as Rhi complete with all the “Ay” and “Ella” outbursts! Speaking of “ellas” Jenny from the Block even took a jab at Fonzworth Bentley (after the cast wondered why Fonz was even included in the remake of the song) singing “he was the fella who held the umbrella for P.Diddy.” Almost forgot Diddy was her ex until that! Check the performance below!

In other news, Rihanna is following J. Lo’s footsteps and will be the latest celebrity to have a fragrance. Word is Rihanna initially wanted to call the fragrance Route 22, but is now asking fans if they can come up with anything better (I’m sure the answer is yes!). “I’ve been right there with a chemist mixing the formulas. I wanted this to be the fragrance no man can resist – and it is!,” the songbird had said. Hmm…what would you name Rihanna’s supposedly irresistible scent?


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Nekeyah Said on

I like Route 22, it’s different and you don’t know for sure what it smells like until you smell it…

Montoya Said on

I agree with Nekeyah I kinda like the name Route 22 its different..but whatever i know its going to smell good so im definitely getting it lol =)

uberVU - social comments Said on

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steve lawrence Said on

Hey Rih,if as you say its gotta be a fragrance no man can resist –and it is! then babygirl its gotta smell off the wall just as you look :-) so simply RheRhe

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