Neffe Breaks Up with Soullow?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 12:00 am.


On the last season of Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, Neffe got her boyfriend, rapper Soullow’s name tattooed all across her inner forearm.

Many wondered just what was she thinking when she decided to go through with that considering what a nasty break-up she had with her husband.

I wonder if she’s now asking herself that because it seems Neffe and Soullow have broken up.

Neffe had this to say about her ex-boyfriend on Twitter:


The two do have a child together, so there’s something permanent about their relationship. I’m just not sure I’d want a reminder of that every single time I put on lotion.

See what happens when you get someone’s name tattooed on you, people?

Next time stick to the basics like your mama, grandma, uncle, your baby, or some foreign language symbols that you know you don’t really understand.

P.S. All this time I thought the name was “Soullow.” That’s how they’ve been spelling it to the press. Sollow, Soullow, whatever. You all know who we’re talking about.


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ldy Said on

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Chocolates Finest Said on

Neffe needs to learn how 2 spell! I’m just sayin! *together

trena Said on

That is not the REAL Neffe……Her real twitter name is @IamNeffe……………..This story is False!

Maroonsista Said on

Trena, neither account is verified so I’m not sure which Twitter account to believe. When it says “verified,” then I’ll believe it. As far as Soullow, yeah, I thought about that spelling too. But if anybody would know how to spell his name, Neffe would unless this was a texting typo.

annahuko Said on

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Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Entertainment Spotlight! “Neffe Breaks Up with Soullow?”

jacquilla johnson Said on

I guess! but i think if you spell someones name wrong then its not a true story,
I would reather here it from Neffe and Soullow’s mouth,

Jeanel Said on

This is shocking I never thought they would have come to this,and what hurts me is that Neffie was my inspiration she was a strong black woman that I looked up to. All I can say is I wish her all the best in her life and with the deceission she made hope she doesn’t regret it sometime later on in the future.

jessie Said on

maybe it is for the better because she needs to focus on herself as a beautiful black women also as a mom kids watch and do everything they see.

jessie Said on

be strong girl it will be ok

Bee Said on

I remember after my daughter was born my mom sat me down and told me. “Stop with just one for right now because your 20 yrs old. Men come and go and if you have a baby by every man you fall in love with you’ll have 5 to 6 kids before your 30″. Im 28 years old now and still just have 1 child but I’ve been 2 serious relationships since then. So her words to me very much true. NE ways I like Neffe and wish her the best.

keke Said on

if this is true i am not surprised. neffe seems to me one of those women who need a man in their life to prove she is loved. she was going crazy on her ex husband on one season. the next season she is having a baby by another dude. then she suppose to be so in love with soullow and have his baby. neffe needs to for real love neffe and stop fronting like she do for the cameras. until she love herself truly…she will never find the right man to love her. so with that said….i truly do hope neffe find herself for real.

fs Said on

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