Biggie’s First Baby Mama Speaks Up About the Movie, ‘Lil Kim and Faith

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


We rarely hear a peep out Jan Jackson, the mother of Biggie’sfirst child T’yanna Wallace, 16, but Chicago’s Power 92 radio host Sam Sylk was able to get her to speak on the 13th anniversary of Biggie’s death. She had some interesting things to say about Big’s life movie and the other notorious players he left behind (here’s looking at you Faith, ‘Lil Kim and Diddy). Check it:  

What are your thoughts and take on [Notorious ] the movie?
“I think the movie was fine for what it was, two hours, you can’t put everything in two hours but I think the way the movie flowed it was OK.”

You thought that you were depicted pretty well?
“No not accurately but I think the movie flowed well.”

‘Lil Kim was a little hurt, she was a little salty about it, what are you thoughts on that?
“Well, if she’s salty I guess I should be salty too because her character they actually cleaned up and my character they dumbed down who should be more upset? I’m just saying in the movie the way it looks they had her going to work every day to this nice job with this nice white blouse on and the black skirt and they have me in a jean jacket. I’m saying I don’t have a problem with that because it’s not my movie, it wasn’t about me. Whatever Big did to me the movie flows perfectly so I’m all for it but when you’re speaking about if you’re upset about it ['Lil Kim] why? It’s not your life story and I’m sure you will have an opportunity to make your life story, unlike me, who I’m never going to get to say what the real deal was. I’m fine with that.”

What was the real deal, how did you find out about ‘Lil Kim?
“Christopher passed away. I mean, that was my daughter’s father and we had a very nice relationship, but why would he be telling me about his side chicks?”

I thought you probably just busted him about it though?
“No because I wouldn’t really care. All I would really care about are the people who would have contact with my daughter.”

Everyone wants to know how’s your relationship with Faith?
“That’s my boo boo, that’s my wife-in-law. Mmm hmm.”

Ya’ll tight, keeping it going? Making sure those kids are kicking it?
“You have to, they’re all they have, it’s just the two of them so they need to be together.”

What are you thoughts on not being able to find Biggie’s murderer?
“At this point you have to find some kind of closure in what you have.  To be honest with you I don’t see it ever being solved so I’ve come to grips with that.”

Tell me your favorite Biggie song.
“Who Shot Ya, I’m from Brooklyn, come on, of course that’s my favorite.”

Does Diddy check in on you all?
“I don’t have a relationship with him, but he has somewhat of a  relationship with my daughter if you want to call it that.” 

Does he spend money on her?
“No my daughter’s pretty well taken care of so he doesn’t need to step up to the plate, and he doesn’t, but they have a relationship.”

Does she want to be in the entertainment industry?
“My daughter wants to be a fashion designer so that’s what she’s doing. She draws, she creates, she makes, she sells so that’s what we’re focusing on her going to college and getting her fashion degree.”


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hoodmistress Said on

O.M.G. she seems like a pretty cool chick, and i’m glade things are well with in the families, its funny how things make you closer.

bee Said on

She seems level headed. Unlike everyone else. Glad her and her daughter are doing well.

Amanda D. Said on

She makes some really interesting points. However, I STILL think Kim had a right to be pi$$ed about her portrayal in that movie. I know it wasn’t HER movie n’ all that but, c’mon. Who wants to be portrayed like THAT??? I mean, really…

showbiz2k Said on

Jan is right concerning KIM… besides why would kim complain if her entire career she called herself QUEEN B**** ?!? HOW DO YOU THINK OTHER PEOPLE WOULD SEE YOU !

Neeka Said on

It wasnt about the clothes that made you who u were in the film or his life. He never disrespected you and called you out your name, never was your sexual relations exploited, and there didnt seem to be and drama between the two of you (Kim) over it so damn the jean jacket, you were not misrepresented!!! And sorry but i beg to differ about that “sidechick’ statement because she truly indeed did manage to get a record deal. I think they could”ve done a better job representing my girl Kimberly Jones. Its apparent that their relationship was more substantial than portrayed.

debrakilgore Said on

Do your thang mama. I appreciate hearing from a sista that can “speak on it” with intelligence.

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