Neffe, Elite Respond To Keyshia Cole

Published by Runteldat on Monday, March 15, 2010 at 12:00 am.


While they won’t call it a feud, obviously Neffe and Elite feel a certain kind of way about their sister, Keyshia Cole, publicly stating that she’s no longer keeping contact with her family.

The two sisters appeared on the Ryan Cameron show in Atlanta to finally reveal their thoughts about the widely reported rift between them and Keyshia.

On the statement:

Neffe: You could never cut your blood loose no matter what you are doing on this earth. It runs through our veins. I’m gonna keep it 100. My sister decided to live a different life. It’s not because “oh we ghetto, we belligerent and loud”. We are all cut from the same cloth. [We all came from Frankie] If you see us, we out there, it’s just that Keyshia keeps hers from behind closed doors.

Elite: When I read it I was shocked. It was hurtful too. I had just come off of tour with Keyshia. We had 3 or 4 tours, I worked for my sister, I was her assistant for 8 months so I worked. I was shocked [by the statement]. Last time we spoke to her we didn’t think it was going to be a public permanent thing. When we last spoke to my sister, we had a family dinner to discuss some family matters and she was a little upset about the whole Frankie and Neffe Show.

Neffe: She is upset about it. She did not embrace the fact that “The Way It Is” was done and they had picked up “Frankie and Neffe”. We didn’t ask for that. We didn’t go to her and said “Sister Sister please can you give us a show. Can you give us a shot. Can we be stars”. We never asked Keyshia to do anything for us. She brought us down here to make our lives better but it didn’t get better, it got worse.”

On how life actually got worse once the two moved from California to Atlanta, Neffe said:

“For the record, I love my sister but you have to understand this is real life this is not a game. She’s a beautiful person. The “Way It Is” didn’t cut us no checks. We didn’t start seeing no money until the Frankie or Neffe show.”

She also reiterated that once she moved to Atlanta she was working two jobs – including one at AMC Theaters in addition to being a CNA. She also added that she’s certified to drive a bus. Not really the focal point of the post, but a nice tidbit to add.


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DoTell Said on

Neffe’s comments regarding Keyshia show a lack of gratitude for everything she’s done for the family. She moved them from Cali to ATL, allowed them to live with her and provided the basic necessities for all of Neffie’s children. If Neffie had to then work 2 jobs to keep up with the house and the bills, etc. then so be it. How could you say she did nothing? She most likely would have been in jail for trying to kill that ex-husband if she hadn’t gotten out of town. The whole family benefitted from Keyshia’s generosity. If they hadn’t been profiled on “The Way It Is” they would have never been offered their own show! Does she get that? So sad.

Mrs. Moe Said on

They don’t understand why Keyshia did what she did. Let me try and help you. When you’re in the spot light people talk about you. However it hurts MORE when people talk about your family members, more so MAMA than any one. Keyshia wanted to protect you all. She did not want you all to look like fools because she loves you all so very much. When she saw that you all were going to do what you all wanted to do she had to back away. Blood is blood and family is family but she needed some peace and the only way to get peace sometimes is to step away from a situation sometimes. She’ll be back one day, love keeps you coming back always. Frankie your baby loves you. Give her some support. Keep your head up Keyshia.

sunshine82 Said on

I dont blame Keisha for not wanting to put up with her family . They are ghetto and they are some moochers,especially Neffe boyfriend he mooching off her does he even have a job. They oughta be grateful that Keisha came in and saved they butts.Neffe need to be especially grateful because she was about to self destruct and she was taking them kids right with her.

Bee Said on

I agree with them, you should never turn your back on family, however, in my opinion its the men in everyones lives that breaking the family apart. Keyshia new boo, Soulow with his broke no job having ass, and whoever Frankie is dating….

Bee Said on

Sunshine82, I agree with you. I think its the men in there lives that’s breaking the family apart. Keyshia and her new boo, Soulow and his broke no job having butt, and whatever youngster Frankie has at the time. I think Keyshia did try to help them the best she could. But who wants to help a woman with a broke man lurking to his piece? I also think that eventually they will patch things up.

Jacky Said on

I really like this family, inspite of things, you only get one family, you cannot pick or choose who you want to be in it. I really like Keyshia, but she is the one who opened this box of crazyness. In my opinion, her family made her show, it would not have been as successful if they were not a part of it, and that is the bottom line. At the end of the day, when all the glitz and glamour is gone, all you have left is that messed up family still on the sidelines loving you from afar, no matter what.

Tanya Said on

I totally agree with what Jackie says.

debrakilgore Said on

Keysia, I understand!

tmcclease Said on

I luv the entire family, however just bcuz keyshia has a new edition to her family (man&child) don’t mean she should outkast her family. She was once a nobody b4 fame & fortune now she acting all stuck up! Ppl fail to realize ur born with family u choose frenz, u cant order family u except them as they are. KC is a star and she has been blessed, BUT to keep it real she was 2 plain and dull. Her family (frankie & neffe) sparked those ratiings on BET and for fan to no K.C better than just as a singer. U have to have sum edge are u are going to bore the hell outta everyone. Her family is just a typical family with issues. Ghetto or not, we all have ppl in our families with similiar issues and ghetto is not a black thang either its lies beneath every color.

Terrance Said on

i would say keyshia cole because i kno that have to between neffe and elite because that keyshia cole is dont wanna to be a round her sister and her mom the only one that she messes with is her adopted mom

SMartin Said on

SM Keyshia you did the right thing step away from the drama it was too much———But love them any way, you cant live your life like that all the time girl i love and respect you to the uttermost God blessing will be bestowed on you for the things you have done KEEP ON DOING

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ADVISOR 37 Said on

i DON’T THINK IT IS RIGHT FOR kEYSHIA cole to treat her family that way. I know that there are two sides to every story but family is family no matter what.

shad Said on

rats rats rats…did i say rats…lol…????
rats are always ungrateful…except for the ones in that movie rattatouille…they were cute but real life rats are horrible ungrateful lil fleabags..if it wasn’t for keyshia they would all be still eating only during the first week of the month and living a substandard lifestyle… they should thank her but instead they are acting ratty…

vl Said on

Keysha is not wrong for distancing herself from her family. You have a sister-Neffe who continues to met and keep deadbeats in her life and have babies by them. What kind of example is that? Her mother Frankie is struggling with demons that only she and God is aware of at this time. There is only so much a person can take before they have no choice but to walk away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Keysha comes back in the future to re-establish a relationship with her family. Best of luck to Keysha and her family. May they find each other again.

Nesha Said on

The fact money changed Keyshia Cole. Years back she was suppose to perform in Columbus, GA and she did not want to perform because Columbus wasn’t big enough for her, but she was not even the headliner of the concert. She was act for R. Kelly. Keyshia turn her back on family is crazy. If man good or not does not sum up you turning your back on the blood. Keyshia’s family actually help her to become even a bigger star. If Neffe and Frankie was on the show the show was of not turn out as great. She made her money and why cant they. If Neffe and Frankie show going pay their bills then why they can’t pay their bills.

mariah german Said on

nooooooooooooo! i love keyshia but blood is thicker then water and they all are in the wrong u should never stop talkin to family no matter what happen cause when somebody died and gone u goin to be mad at yo self!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fred Said on

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tonja Said on

kesha if you look at it is selfish she wants to be the one and only one in the spotlight. how can you get mad if they got a show she should thank god they dont have to ask her for money the men they deal with are dirtbags however no one can pick the men they date it is their lives let them live it people only judge because they are famous some of the same people who blogged are in much worse situations how can some of us throw stones living in a glass house they are human too i like frankie and her family so what they act a certain way they dont change because of a camera keisha and the rest of them are from the ghetto you can take them out the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of them and keisha is hiding hers be real boo be who you are no matter what your family is forever that man isnt guaranteed