Whitney Houston Criticizes Today’s Entertainers for Being ‘Dark’ and ‘Characters’

Published by Dior Noir on Friday, March 19, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


Say what you want about Whitney Houston’s singing voice and whether or not it’s back but when it comes to voicing her opinion, the diva is still telling it like it is. Whitney was interviewed about her upcoming “Nothing But Love” world tour, and  had a mouthful to say about the current state of the music industry and its power players.

“Music doesn’t change, people change the music; they become characters instead of really displaying their gifts,” she said. “If you look behind a lot of the people that are out there that are wearing these, you know, weird clothing–I’m not talking about anyone in particular, I’ve just seen for myself–there are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don’t have to put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves. A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool, but some of them are very dark….” Shots fired Lady Gaga and Rihanna!

Interestingly enough Whitney is asked how she feels when she looks back on her outfits from the ’80s (you know, the decade that pretty much inspired the fashion of today’s artists) and she replies: “But that was the ‘80, I look at myself, I look at Madonna, I look at Prince, I look at Michael I look at all of us and I go, we had costumes. They weren’t scary, it was that we were performers, performing. Having artistry is one thing, but being dark and just you know, different weird stuff it’s not becoming. To me it’s not becoming at all.”

Interesting… she does make a good point about some people in the music industry relying on gimmicks rather than talent though. Thoughts?

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NCA Said on

Who cares what she thinks! I have forgotton about her and the 1980’s and 1990’s are over.

She’s a recording legend that should stay in a history book and be refered to as a good girl gone seroiusly bad!

Bj woodard Said on

Can she focus on being an entertainer her damn self? Can she get her damn voice back 1st? Can she come out with a better album? Can she shut the hell up and realize that her time is over and go sit down somewhere? Talking about other folks. He without sin cast the 1st stone. You ain’t jesus, you don’t have a heaven or hell to put nobody in sit down whitney and shut up!

lynette Said on


Michael Said on

There is a big difference in the way many pop divas are handled before Whitney (BW) and after Whitney (AW). The BW divas got their starts at the church or in a high school singing group and had intense artist development. The music was the most important element for success; it not only had to be catchy but be understandable by the public (98% of music made before 1985 definately had a real entertainment value). This was also the time when people paid more for the music itself rather than the concert. Then came Whitney and it seemed like the best thing ever (great sales for both music and tours). But Mariah, the first AW diva had a trick up her mind. Her manager and later ex-husband Tommy Motola used some Payloa just to have her name visible through lowering single prices but increasing her tour prices, and soon the other AW divas followed suit. Also, sampling technology made old music more recycable and new digital computer software allowed the music to be cheaply produced, and then the Internet allowed it to be easily accessible. Concert prices rose 80% between 1996 and 2004 on average! Plus, given how naive most people’s worlds are today and have never experienced real problems, “darkness” (sadly even more prevalent in Hollywood) persuades the audience to have something else. A sad state for the entertainment industry since 2000, the seeds were planted in the early ’90s.

you me and everybody else Said on

Whitney is right there is barely any talent just cute looks and synthesizers and kids acting tough and blinging it like there is no tomorrow , they have there place just too big of one in the music industry even i have seen lady Ga Ga videos she can barley dance and i don’t know if she can really sing yet she is entertaining…… hopefully she will mature what talent she does have as madonna did when she sought the lead in evita there was a sure difference in her voice more mature more qualified to be heard as talented and gifted and i must admit even beyonce did the same for dream girls yet the only reason she was invited to that party is because she came with a built in audience …….( movie tickets equal money for the studio ) behind her the true talent was jennifer hudson and most of us heard her sing without music during idol auditions has anyone ever heard beyonce sing acapella and riahna if i spelled it right she is just a broken fashion plate todays people on top are there for the moment 5 years from now who will be talking about you? only to say where are they know……………..

None of Your Business Said on

At the end of the day, Whitney has enough years and experience and multiple albums and number one hits to voice her opinion and it be respected. EVERYONE is entitled to their own opionion. Just because someone is not a Lady Gaga fan, beyonce fan etc. does not make them a hater.
One hit wonders or 1 album under your belt does not make you an icon. When Lady Gaga has as many acilades as Whitney…then we can talk about hating.



Kay Said on

i agree with whitney houston 100% i look at a lot of artist that has changed and those that are coming out and i’m like nothing but the devil is using them. i don’t mean to throw dirt on anybody but two artist come to mind. Rihanna and Beyonce’….where did the sweet girls go…what’s going on with all of this dark,manipulative,demonish music…

Brandon Said on

Okay……..Whitney Houston………..One of te greatest singers to ever walk the earth…..SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! Just because a new singer is not “cookie cutter’ and “sweet looking” like a typical Brittney Spears type does not mean that they are “dark” or “evil”. Lady Gaga is a smart and realistic woman. She knows that the way she dresses is appealing to todays society and people like the way she looks. People are failing to realize the biggest picture here: Lady Gaga is making MONEY!!!!!!!! She’s had hit after hit after hit, with no signs of slowing down. Leave her alone already…….and when you make another monsterous hit, holler. Until then, sit down Ms. Houston and focus on rebuilding your voice and talent, which seems to be fading nowadays. Example: Australia’s Concert………..ouch!!!!!!!! Still love ya though.

T.C.L. Said on

Whitney does have a point!!Alot of these damn people can’t carry a note!! It does get ridiculous!! Then they have the audacity 2 give themselves titles, when some haven’t been in the game 4 long! Where the hell is their head at?!

myvoice Said on

I agree with Whitney 100 percent!! The music industry has become very dark and seems like a big, top circus has unfolded in front of us! If you read between the lines and open your minds, you will find that its a conspiracy unfolding. The music is brain-washing the youth, blinding everyone from reality, and controlling everyones’ conscious on morals while in a disassociated state. The promotions of drug use, alcohol use, sex, death, and images of killing another human being has risen in vast amounts and continuously demonstrated daily. The key players in the puppet show such Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jay Z, Rhianna, have contributed these fads. If you pay close attention to any of their last four videos, you see that they are certainly similiar and have repeated motives. For example, Lady Gaga last three videos: Bad Romance, Paparazzi, and recently released Telephone, all have those common depictions displayed. In all the three, Gaga is seen killing some one, and even joined by Beyonce in Telephone, killing in a mass form. Along with those common things, you will find uncommon things that you would not expect in the see in reference to their “so call” meanings of the music produced. So yes, I do agree strongly with Ms. Houston, the music is extremely murky. In fact, MUSIC IS DEAD, and has been dead for a while now.

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