Are Angela & Rob Looking For A Reality Show?

Published by Runteldat on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Although Angela Simmons has already denied it, people continue to speculate that she is dating Rob Kardashian.

If she really is there’s a rumor floating around as to why that is: A reality show.

A Kardashian looking for a reality show is about as shocking as news about the color of the sky so for that reason alone I’ll give Media Take Out the benefit of the doubt.

The rumor goes:

You could see this coming a MILE AWAY. A very well known TV producer tells us that a new reality show is in the works – starring Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons.

According to our insider Rob’s MOM-AGER has been pitching the idea through Ryan Seacrest’s production company. And that the E! execs are “very interested” in picking it up.

So what’s the show going to be about? “Their relationship” the insider told, “”which is 100 percent STAGED.”

GEEZ LOUISE!! We knew that these Kardashian’s would do ANYTHING for the fame . . . but ANGELA . . .what is up with that?????

Yeah, I’m bored by their pictures so I can only imagine the nap I’d get from the show. Let’s hope that this is just a rumor and Angela’s right about them just being friends.


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oscar Said on

Someone told me It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

tmj Said on

I actually would love to see them as a couple. Rob seems to be good people and I think they would make a cute couple regardless. Besides Rob mentioned his woman has to have a caramel complexion, so he seems to like woman of browner tones.

sherma Said on

i think they would look really good together.. but idk bout a reality series tho, he’s already on the main one..hopefully he can handle her keeping her virginity and not cheat again like he did on adrianne

destinyjones Said on

you two look so nice togethrr

SHAY Said on


tia Said on

you are a cute couple

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Good Morning! Angela & Rob! “Are Angela & Rob Looking for a Reality Show?”

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