Interview: LisaRaye Talks Vivica, Dating and Scandals

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 4:00 pm.

hot-list-LisaRaye-McCoy-1LisaRaye is no stranger to people gossiping about her: from her fairytale wedding then bitter divorce to Turks & Cacios prime minister Michael Misick, to her perceived fallout with Vivica Fox and Star Jones, she’s been a fixture on the blog and rumor circuit for years.

Now the actress is attempting to tell her story, in her own way with a new reality show, LisaRaye: The Real McCoy. “After coming back off of my scandal of a divorce with all the rumors and the gossip and the lies, I thought if people are making me this interesting then they need to hear the story from the horse’s mouth,” she said. “I thought, what’s going on now in the States since I’ve been gone from my acting career?  That’s reality TV!”

As she anticipates her reality TV debut, caught up with LisaRaye to find out what she wants people to see behind all those rumors.

There have been rumors that you’re using your show to blast people like Vivica Fox and Star Jones, who you’ve fallen out with. Is that true?

The airing of dirty laundry? I’m not really interested in this as a revenge type of show. That’s now what my show is about. Did the Vivica thing come up, did Star Jones come up — did the other friends and actors come up? Absolutely.  Wait and watch the show.  There have been a lot of people asking me about my friends’ support. People have asked me, ‘Wait a minute, you’re going through all this but we haven’t seen Vivica, where’s Vivica?’ We were very close.  I simply said, ‘You’re right, I’m looking for her too.’ From that it snowballed into something they wanted to make into a story.  As far as Star Jones, I don’t know how and why Star and I fell out. I don’t know how that happened. I don’t know why we don’t talk anymore. I don’t know why the support wasn’t there.”

Okay, are you really dating Al Sharpton? Dating anyone at all?

There is someone special! Is it Al, is it Nelly, is it Ginuwine?  You’ll know! You won’t have to ask me, you’ll see it in my eyes, and when you see me with that one special one, you’re not even going to have to analyze that photo, you’re going to be able to say boom that’s the one.

What’s one of the biggest misconceptions about you?

The perspective people have of me is I’m this around-the-way, ghetto woman. I’m saying ‘ghetto?’ I wasn’t raised in the ghetto, I’ve never even been in the ghetto, I’ve passed by the ghetto. We’ve taken this word and made it our own, but what does it really mean… does it mean a strong woman that knows the streets just as well as she can embark at the Congressional Black Caucus? Is that the Black girl thing of the neck-rolling and gum-popping? I don’t know what it is. Oh and I also get ‘gold digger. ’ Digging for gold? Honey, I like platinum.

What have you learned from being in the spotlight, especially as you’ve had to deal with scandals?

You have to learn acceptance. You have to learn what was your place, what was your fault. You can’t point the finger because it takes two to tango.  I actually just spoke to my ex-husband a couple weeks ago and we came to this realization: how did we let this happen? We let so many people infiltrate that it got out of control, it got out of hand and it’s like we apologized to each other for just taking each other for granted and not even realizing, maybe a little too late. Just apologizing for the way that everything turned out. It could’ve been handled in a much more dignified way, it could’ve been handled in a much more adult way. There were too many people in our ear, too many people in our home and it was just too fast, too much too soon. It could’ve been much slower but because of who we were, everything happened too fast. It was like one moment I’m taping my show and now I’m taking on all these first lady duties.

LisaRaye: The Real McCoy debuts on TV One on April 8, 2010. Check for cameos from entertainers like Jamie Foxx, Layla Ali, Da Brat (well, via phone when LisaRaye visits her behind bars) and Tony Rock.

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Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! Interview: “LisaRaye Talks Vivica , dating and Scandals.”

TRM Said on

Ummm…am I missing something? I thought that Ginuwine was still married to Sole’ (Tonya Johnston)? I hope LisaRaye is not going that route. That would be truly tacky and even though “she doesn’t know the ghetto”, that would definitely be considered as “ghetto behavior.”

Vee Said on

Sure, Lisa Raye is pretty but her behavior IS ghetto whether she wants to admit it or not. Her conversation centers on drama, materialistic things–digging for platinum versus gold, etc. She rarely says anything of substance. She’s gorgeous, yes-but that’s about it-and it’s not ”hating” to tell it like it is.

finesse 2000 Said on

Whats done in the dark will soon come to the light.

elvagreen Said on

Someone told me It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

HASANI Said on

It is truly hard to believe that Lisa doesn’t know anything about the ghetto when DA BRAT is her sister. When will she (DA BRAT) get out of jail?

Tanya DIVA Social Club Said on

One thing I have learned is the biggest reason that women can not get along is because we have self esteem issues. Once you are at the point when you truly love and accept yourself you will not have a problem with accepting others. So for all the women and men out there who thing they are the finest thing walking the earth. If you have to put down your fellow sisters and brothers you really do not think you are that great. If this was the case you would be empowering others to be as great as you and not be threaten by others success.

NIKA Said on

LisaRaye,Pleaasssseee honey! You are ghetto,like it or not,you even look ghetto.Being from the ghetto doesn’t mean you can’t be beautiful and successful,there are so many sisters from the ghetto,that can make you look like crap.So watch how you use that word,the way you come off,especially about the ghetto is one of the reasons why I don’t really care for you anymore.And this is not hating,just my opinion BooBoo!!!

debrakilgore Said on

You are beautiful on the outside; but from what I have heard you say about other sistas, you need some work done on the inside. I heard you on the radio awhile back, and I was shocked. You are as ghetto as they come.

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tipp Said on

I think that LIsa Raye is the shizzzzzznik,

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NaniDiamond Said on

I sort of understand LisaRaye…she is handling things well to me and after watching the show last night, I appreciate her more as a representative of a “black” woman…I agree that this word “ghetto” can have many vague definitions…I’ve been called STUCK UP, BOUGIE, AND GHETTO all at the same time!!!

I like LisaRaye and the show is helping me to understand her even more.

My only advice is that she stop cursing (she is SO classy and cursing makes her come off as though she has limited vocabulary( which I doubt seriously)…AND I pray that she finds the True God and have some peace in the life of her and Kai.