Tiny on Season Two, T.I.’s Change of Heart, & Her Future Plans

Published by Runteldat on Friday, April 2, 2010 at 12:00 am.


Tiny continues the publicity trail for the premiere of the second season of Tiny & Toya.

This time, Tiny sat down with T-Marie of Hotlanta Buzz blog to discuss the new season of the show and a couple of questions/rumors that continue to float around her.

Among the things she discussed was T.I.’s changing attitude about the show. Initially, T.I. didn’t want her to do the show but according to Tiny he now enjoys the show given he had the opportunity to watch it while in prison.

Speaking of the show, Tiny promises the new episodes will “add a little spice” and that you can expect surprises from both her and Toya Carter.

As far as rumors go, she spoke again on the wedding, whether or not the biological father of her daughter, Zonnique, is involved in her life. She also tapped into her work with her Alzheimer’s foundation, and her business plans – including a potential book called How to Love a Black Man.

Check out the video below:



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Ms Mccoy Said on

I love you guys I am a big fan… I feel like ppl need to stay out of you all business and life.
Those are the ppl that dont have there on life. I am totally waiting on you all show because I loved the first season and I know I will enjoy with or with out you all business in it I am a big fan of you and Toya. Life is about supporting each other as a communtiy and this will be a whole new world. I love the show and I will be interesting in learning new things about you guys instead of tyring to be nosey or just in your business as other ppl. I wish you the best and I hope it turns out as good as the last on. Please world stop all the hate and get your own life then it wont be a word anymore. I feel that that is the worst word ever created by the blacks…..

Keisha Howard Said on

I know that right TINY!…. Its sooo sad that people gets a kick out of your relationship and the DRAMA that they try to BRING. Misery LOVES company… Gurl im ur # 1 FAN… Keep ur head for you and your hunny T.I.P and may GOD “BLESS” you andyour family and your future marriage… Keep your head up big sis….. LOVE YA and can not wait to see the next season episodes….peace :)

tamisha harris columbus ga Said on

i love you guys i love the show keep doing what yall doing u just keep the positivity involved like u do and tiny i love your swagger everything bout u and my boi t.i.p nothing but love for you

constance Said on

hey tiny & toya

i cant wait to see the new season of the show



veronica Said on

Tiny I have been a fan of yours since xscape,and once a fan you will always be a fan.The show is the bomb and you have some beautiful kids.I cant wait to see the new season because you and toya represent great mothers and role models and thats what the world need tn see more of on t.v this year.I wish u and T.I the best and i cant wait to see those wedding pics.

mrs.rich Said on

Can’t hardly wait on the new season. I certainly have enjoyed you two opening up your life for us to see . You young ladies got your head on straight. Stay positive and don’t worry about the hater. They are always around . Do you

Frisco415 Said on

Hey Tiny,

I luv you and T.I.,can’t wait to see the wedding pic, congrats on the second season of the Tiny & Toya Show. Can’t wait until it airs. You are definitely inspiring to me and a lot of young women out here b/c you have been able to stay focused on your family and hold your household down while your man was locked up and showed that it’s never to late to give up on your dreams. Keep doing what you do and if I’m ever in the “A” I will definitely stop by your nail bar. Your nails are always on point. One Luv from the Bay and don’t change who you are for no body. Luv ya.

shalonndramarie Said on

I just want to say that I really enjoy seeing young black women in a Positive light, I have been telling my friends for years no man makes you, Let God do his thing for you, Thank you BET for displaying such positivity, God bless both of these Ladies in their continued journey in life, Keep up the Good work,BET, don’t let us down focusing on are mistakes we make as a result to being always the under dog. God Bless the President and may we all have the Grace that can be Bestowed upon by Our Father in Heaven.

rain Said on

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Bella 21 Said on

god bless you ,tiny ,toya,ti,wayne,etc

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Precious Said on

I love your show and i will definitely to see part 2 of your show on next tuesday at 10pm, Tiny. Don’t worry about what people say about you and T.I. cause they are hating on you and be negative around you guys. stay positive and good job. you’re my favorite group singer from Xscape.

Renee Said on

I am amazed at how much I loved the show and I look forward to the new season. The ladies are so principled and successful. I enjoy that I don’t have to “explain” a whole lot of bizarre attitudes, nonsense and going-ons to my 17-year-old with whom I watch the show while we’re watching. The people who raised Tiny and Toya must be walking on air.

nash Said on

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