Kelis Isn’t Done Taking Nas to the Bank Yet

Published by Dior Noir on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm.


Remember when Kelis used to make money by actually making music, not taking Nas for all he’s worth? Yeah me either but if she keeps taking Esco to court at this rate she’ll never have to work again.

Kelis filed papers when Nas got behind on the $55K/month payments he was ordered to fork over during their divorce settlement and the feuding couple went back to court on Monday. Nas has said that he’s broke (he owes over $3mil in back taxes) but the judge showed no mercy on his pockets.

According to documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, uncovered by TMZ, “Nas had to immediately fork over $47,249.42 in back child support and $40,454 in back spousal support. The judge also ordered Nas to pay $10,000/month in spousal support until he pays off the $299,015.50 he owes Kelis. Nas also has to pay 90% of Kelis’ legal fees in the amount of $155,787.28. Lastly, Nas has to pay $48,549.83 to cover Kelis’ accounting expenses.”

Damn. Cheaper to keep her for sure.

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Maroonsista Said on

Wow, I know he wishes he got a prenuptual agreement now. That’s crazy that he has to pay legal fees plus child support plus payment for her. I just do not understand the logic in alimony. If you two are split, you shouldn’t be supporting each other.

Andrea Williams Said on

Thats CRAZINESS!!! like the saying goes”cheaper to keep her”

Peach Said on


Netta-Queen Said on

What is up with not taking care of yo seed! Children need both parents regardless! As far as the rest goes, Kelis get a job and let the man have his hard earned money! Chicks like this give good women a bad rap!! Nas turn your frustration into hot rap lyrics. Keep yo head up WHEEZY!!

nunofurbuznis Said on

Even though I’m a women I don’t understand why some women feel it’s necessary for the ex to pay for you to have a luxurius lifestyle. Is all that money in child support going to pay for their child’s education? That is what I think should happen in divorce proceedings. There should be an amount determined for college to be UNTOUCHED until the child is 18. If the child decideds not to go then they can use it for whatever. Nas isn’t even making records like that anymore. Child support is not to be getting nails and hair done. Get out and work ladies, stop using your kids as weapons!

flip Said on

That men do the thing they do women is not $$%# and it not all women

Ladee Said on

I know Kelis has some money she did make a few songs. Nas should have asked for joint custody then he would have the child 6 months and she would have the child 6 months. He could have saved some money. he should have got a prenup. no matter what!

darlene Said on

l think she is doing that because she don’t want him to be happy or be with another woman because she still love him. one child why does he have to pay all of that for her she need to get a job and stop looking for Nas to keep up her lifestyle.

Nesley Filsaime Said on

Good Morning! “Kelis Isn’t Done Taking Nas To The Bank Yet….”

bobo Said on

If you are looking for a partner based on lifestyle and physical chemistry as well as personal beliefs and common interests, you may try ** ––** Good Luck:)

Lisa Said on

They got married…took a vow…she loved him and he messed over her. Don’t mess with a woman’s heart

BigBlackRod Said on

This is why folks don’t get married now. I got to pay you to leave me alone? GTFOH…PEACE.

debrakilgore Said on

Nas, I think that you should have tried to make it work. Kelis is not playing with you.

MsTroy Said on

Wow, he shld’v known bettr. She is going 2mke for dam sure he has nothg. He bettr go do some concerts or somethg to pay her out. I bet he wish he wld hav listend 2his ex about her now, lol….

Vee Said on

This was his wife and the child support is not for her, that is why she is entitled to and receiving spousal support. I dont condone what he did or she did because I dont know what happened or what lead up to this. People need to begin to respect the vows they take before God. I realize the lifestyle they live has temptations on every corner they turn, but as individuals we have to start doing the very best we can as individuals and going to God for forgiveness.

tshambe Said on

this is the kind of woman that will make me just barf all over her, because she is straight money hungry, NAS should have known she wasn’t crap when she made the song (everybody up in her ice cream or something like that) she was a slut then and still is, she just have money now, and not by working, oh i forgot she did work to have that baby, i am not a big NAS fan but she is wrong for that, but you know when you lay with trash, you end up in the trash….ladies that is strong, she is what we don’t want to be, i don’t mind him paying child support but taking care of her wanna be behind is rediculous….

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trina Said on

I think this is ridiculous.If the man is a great father and provider why beat him and break him down.Didn’t Kelis sell enough milk shakes?We baby mamas have it hard enough without seeing a gold digging baby mama.Its no reason in particular this man should have to go through all of this drama.Why can’t he have the child to raise and she pays him?She should be ashames of herself.I pray for them all

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Teena Said on

Kelis is a pathetic gold-digging callous cow. How can you have dignity and integrity if your goal is to take other people’s money…or expect others to take care of you when you’re a capable adult? This bucking fitch is worthless…and once again a white judge screws a brother.