Rihanna Fears Childbirth, Contemplates Adoption

Published by Runteldat on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 11:50 am.

Rihanna Lights Empire State Building

Rihanna says she may one day adopt, because she’s petrified of giving birth.

When discussing her future plans for a family, she talked about her excitement for eventual motherhood and said she’ll do whatever she needs to have kids.

She told Britain’s In:Demand radio show: “I’m really scared of the actual childbirth situation but I do want to be a mom one day. Even if I have to adopt, I want to be a mom.”

Translation: I’m not hurting my fitness or myself with some baby.

She’ll end up having twins and three trainers.


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mrsjones Said on

i agree, i think she is just scared to lose her body. If not it shows that she is a really weak woman. Women give birth everyday, our bodies are made to do it. My son will be here in less than 6 weeks and i cannot wait to get him out of me. The Lord never puts more on you than you can bear so there is no need to be scared. Nervous maybe, but not scared.

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Prettyrenee Said on

I was scared of childbirth and horrified of losing my weight too because in the military, we have to be within weight standards, but, it all disappeared when I realized that I am carrying life inside of me. After having my son, I just went out and started exercising again and got back to my average weight. Give it time. Whenever she is ready to have kids, she will realize it too. Stop making it sound like what she said is bad.

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michelle Said on

rihanna is black of course are you blind. Can you not see your features? seriously???????

jvll Said on

This girl is still a kid, who probably has friend who is her age(kids). At this age all you think of is the pain you think is associated with childbirth. She did not say anything i havent heard from teenagers and adults. The difference is that what she said was said publicly. Give the child a break, and stop making mountains out of molehills.

Amanda D. Said on

Mrsjones, please explain to me how she’s a weak woman for fearing childbirth??? H*ll, I fear it myself. Yes, our bodies are made for it & women give birth everyday but, SOME WOMEN ALSO DIE FROM CHILDBIRTH TOO. Maybe that’s what she fears. Have you thought about that? And, if she loses her hot body so, what? It’s not like she can’t get it back after childbirth. These celebrity moms get their bodies back all the time. I think she fears serious complications and, even death.

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