Queen Latifah Addresses Her Sexuality Rumors

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

“Cover Girl” Queen Latifah graces the front of the May/June cover of Upscale magazine and in the issue the singer/actress opened up about a range of topics including her personal life. The interviewer came right out and asked the ever burning question about her sexuality . While the Queen didn’t confirm or deny anything (sorry you’ll have to remain curious), I love what she had to say:

You’ve been asked so much about your sexuality. Wouldn’t it be easier at this point to just speak on it-once-and be done with it?

I don’t have to explain anything. I don’t have to confirm anything. Look, I need my time. I need my life.

But isn’t that a part of being a celebrity, letting people into your personal life?

You know, I was looking at something the other day. A magazine with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. That’s a strong woman right there. All of these people in her business-who is she dating? Angie this. Brad that. They come up with so much stuff. That’s a tough situation to be in. My situation is small compared to that. But still, I don’t feel like I need to explain. I’m the one living it. You write about it. You go ahead and speculate. I’ll just live it.

Do you feel like you’re understood by the people closest to you?

Absolutely. I don’t feel like I need to explain things to a perfect stranger. The people who matter know. And they love me for Dana. I don’t have to tell Joe Blow. Joe, you worry about who YOU sleeping with.

Church! The short version: it ain’t none of our business.

Does it really matter who she gets her kicks with between the sheets? I was down with The Queen way before I even had any concept of sexual orientation. Any ’80’s babies remember her appearance on Sesame Street or bumping the the ”All Hail the Queen” tape (ha! Remember those)? She’s only gotten bigger and better in classics  like  Living Single and Set it Off and is still making enjoyable work today (if you haven’t seen her latest movie Just Wright with Common, do that. It’s cute!). As far as I’m concerned, she can have her personal life, the fact that she’s been doing her thing for decades is enough to talk about.

Catch Queen Latifah hosting the BET Awards on June 27th!

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M. Glivens Said on

Dear Queen Latifah: You do not have to express what you are doing with your personal life to a bunch of (I don’t know him/her). People like these are truly not certain with their own sexuality not to mention themselves. GOD make all of us, therefore, whatever GOD created his BEAUTY. QUEEN–CONTINUE TO BE YOURSELF AND SHINE ON. IF THESE UNKNOWNS ARE CURIOUS ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY, PLEASE TELL THEM TO, TAKE IT UP WITH THE GOOD LORD, HE CREATED ME. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE. LIVING LIFE AS I LIKE IT. 1 LOVE, MIKE

val Said on

that is a beautiful cover!

shan Said on

I really don’t care she is an amazing rapper/singer/actress.

common Said on

uhhh, people she’s GAY!!! Any straight person would immediately deny that their gay. Helllo? Have you seen set it off, she didn’t get paid that much to act like a dude and kiss another chick. Stop acting like yall don’t care becuz yall know yall do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this segment. :)

Tiffany Said on

It really is none of our business, it seems like there can’t be a strong woman of opinion without her sexuality coming into question anyway, I think she’s fly, so either way, do your thing mama.

Nafis Said on

Either way Im still a fan. She is a beutiful women regardless of rumors. Let the women live her life. Has anyome checked out http://www.philadef-entertainment.com.

GAMAL(Like Jamal) Said on

I think that she is a wonderful person. Just because she plays in “Set it Off” as Cleopatra being with a girl doesn’t mean that she’s gay. That’s my opinion. I don’t care what no one says about her. I know 4 sure she isn’t. Most of all, some ppl could tlk as much as they like about her, b-cuz they don’t know her. As for her ( Queen Latifah) I hope that everything goes well with her, and continue to be courageous, beautiful, sexy and inspiring. Never let anyone steal your shine, and be the great actress that you are aspired to be. Good luck with everything and we want u to know that your biggest fans (including myself) adore and appreciate you. Keep up the good work. Love ya =) <3.

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[...] Queen Latifah Addresses Her Sexuality Rumors | Entertainment … [...]

Andrew Shawe Said on

I wish queen latefah all the best at the awards. And, I’m sure she’ll do well based on inference of her prior experience of hosting.

Pharmk884 Said on

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Prettyrenee Said on

Ummm, Common, you know “Set It Off” was a Movie, right? Guess what they do in movies… ACT. She got paid money to PLAY A ROLE like like many other females in the Acting Industry. Are you gonna say the same thing about Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek and the many other women who kissed each other in movies? Please think before you write ignorant statements.

kittycat04 Said on

i love her and dnt care if she is gay if she is im happy for her so stay out of her business

debra.kilgore Said on

Dana, you are a true inspiration; that is all that matters.

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Three words:SET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The proof is in the pudding.

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World Wide News Flash Said on

Queen Latifah Addresses Her Sexuality Rumors | Entertainment ……

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All Around the World News Said on

Queen Latifah Addresses Her Sexuality Rumors | Entertainment ……

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)