The BET Awards Comeback Kids

Published by Dior Noir on Monday, June 28, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

To be honest, I usually yawn my way through awards shows but I still can’t stop talking about last night’s BET Awards! There were so many entertaining moments but hands down my favorite part of the awards fete was watching the comeback kids work.

Kanye set the tone for the night spitting “Power” from the top of a mountain reminding us all that while he may have had a brief hiatus, we need him and his beats back on the music scene.  It was good to see T.I.back in the mix performing after his stint in jail and El Debarge do a set that showed that great music never goes out of style (he’s set to release his first album of new material since 1994 this year!). I even loved seeing the cast of The Game on stage thanking the fans for reviving their show which will come to BET (get ready for Derwin’s baby mama drama!).  Still out of all the comeback appearances, last night belonged to your boy Chris Brown.

I was crossing my fingers that it was him underneath the mask (sorry Usher) when the set up began for the  Michael Jackson tribute and sure enough he popped up!

Chris did an amazing job channeling MJ and danced his tush off to “Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal” (those glow suits! Work!) and when he hit the moonwalk during “Billie Jean” I got shivers and was pretty much done then! Yet when he grabbed the mic to sing “Man in the Mirror” and couldn’t even get the lyrics out because he was choked up and visibly crying the audience got emotional. It was as if he was finally getting a moment to release all the tension from the past year and almost begging us to see that he’s trying to be better. I’ve heard people debate whether or not his emotions were genuine or staged and some have even side-eyed Chris saying that his tears probably weren’t for Michael at all, but I think the King of Pop, someone who knew what it was like to be practically crucified for his behavior in his personal life, would’ve been pleased with that performance.

Just when we thought he was done, Chris won the AOL Fandemonium Award an honor chosen the fans, and gave credit where credit was due: “Bottom line, I couldn’t never do this without my fans. Team Breezy, all the support I’ve been getting from day one. I just wanna say one thing: I let y’all down before but I won’t do it again, I promise. I love y’all.”


Discuss your favorite moments from last night!

Missed it? Click for the red carpet rundown, performance highlights, winners, and more!

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Sheenique Said on

Chris Brown Killed it..i mean i LOVED him when he 1st cam out and I will LOVE him 2 the end..i mean i JUST SO LOVE HIM…he did that performance…whe he cried i cried it was a amazing,powerful,incredible and emotional performance i mean u gotta give it 2 him…I WILL ALWAYZ AND FOREVERY LOVE CHRIS BROWN…I LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN

Mz on it 2 the T Said on

Chris Brown was FAKING! A blind man could see it. I’m so tired of reading all these comments but his family members. Any ways WHY don’t you all, All eight or nine of ya’ll buy his next CD, he’ll still be in the same place. The hype men hype up the people on every show he goes on. I sick of the, “let’s feel soooooooooooooooooo sorry for Chris Brown. Please people.

Ann Said on

I love his performance of Michael Jackson music — I hope that people will forgive him and give him another chance. We all make mistakes.

Jackie Said on

I agree with Jusme! Thank you for saying what needed to be said! Big ups to BET for not letting the haters dictate what they do! Jayz, Beyonce, and others you forgot something BET helped you to get where you are! I believe that MJ would have not wanted it any other way for Chris to do his thing! Remember MJ let Chris know that he had it like that! We have had entertainers who sold drugs to kids, guns and all kinds of negativity and were forgiven, why not this young man ? We all have made mistakes and learned from them! God don’t like ugly! There is enough to go around Mr. Jay z i’m really surprised you went that route considering you rap about the mistakes you made in your life and the chance you recieved to make amends! Look in your mirror and you see the change you made! Give him his props and lrt him move on and you too! By the way Ms. Rhinna not looking all that great herself right now after the incidents she was with numerous men,sounds like see was the one using up all the PR! Do your thang CB!

Bro Jay Said on

@ Mz it’s very obvious you want attention, so you want to be opposite to what everyone else is saying as far as your opinion blah-blah-blah. If you met Chris Brown you be the first one in his face begging for his attention acting a clown so please Mzzzzzzzzzzz……….

ShayBadd*iiLy&C.B Said on

ii Agree With Jusme & Jackie!!

Jessica Said on

Even though I was never a fan of CB from the beginning before that hot mess Rhianna and him drama, I give him credit hands down!!! That boy killed it!!! Also we don’t know what he’s been through right??? Everybody is saying its a PR stunt, that doesn’t look like it…. ri ri didn’t make it easier also, people remember that, I’m not condoning on what he did, but he loves to perform, let him. Remember how everybody was on MJ case and now he passed away and now everybody is all sad, why- everybody didn’t cared for MJ when he was aliveright? Everybody was making fun of him about his skin, his personality and other things. Now you guys are doing it to CB- Doesn’t MJ song Man in the Mirror message that MJ was saying- Time to love one another, remember life is too short to be putting down each other bottom line.

GDerickD Said on

I appreciate the thoughtful comments made about Chris Brown. Even convicts (not putting him in that category) get a reprieve and get to move on with their life. Now Oprah, Jay-z, Konye and others should now do the grown up thing and reach out to this young brother. I’m really surprised at how mean spirited many celebrities are about his incident. Again Kudo’s and big-ups to those of you who have exhibited forgiveness. Bless You

p.s. I too feel the BET Awards has redeemed itself after last years show. We have the talent, lets use it in the future.

betty singleton Said on

CB did a beautiful deciation to MJ,CB keep the faith
love you like a son

ann Said on

chris brown was great give him a chance he is young and has asked for forgiveness . he did the best tribute ever for mj i am proud of him jay z and beyonce should reach out to him rhianna wasn’t without blame she was in the wrong too. i believe she hit him first i’m not saying a man should hit a woman but she should take some of the heat. you go chris he was awesome

jade Said on

good job cb

jade Said on

hi bet awards

august24 Said on

I loved his performance. He killed it, da best 1 i have seen. And yes people should give him a 2nd chance. It’s not like dat was the 1st time a man hit a woman.

denise Said on

i diffently agree with the positve ppl all you haters need to stop hating and stop riding jay and be coat tail and yall just mad because rhianna got her face smacked off. Chris you gave the ppl what they came for pure entertainment keep doin what you doin dont worry about these nobodies thats hating because your hot and their not. Love your work!

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