Zoe Saldana Engaged

Published by Runteldat on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 12:00 am.

Zoe Saldana is getting hitched, ya’ll.

Please repeat that sentence in your best Southern twang.

Anyhow, Us Weekly reports that the 32-year-old actress is ready to marry her boyfriend of 10 years, Keith Britton.

A source told the magazine, “They’ve been together forever. They’re a great couple.”

Though we’ve seen them on the occasional red carpet together, Zoe is quite low key about discussing him.

Another source quipped, “She doesn’t even introduce him as her fiancé. She will just say, ‘This is Keith.’ She likes to keep her personal life to herself and wants people to focus on her as an actress.”

Indeed, there are people who care to be private in the let me show you me crotch as I hop out of a limo world we live in.

As far as a wedding date goes, nothing is set in stone. A separate source on the engagement noted, “She hasn’t stopped working to plan anything”

Congratulations to Zoe!


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southernboy Said on

I now the statistical numbers , they were gone through US – Media , but besides these numbers did not surprised me , as a matter of fact they represented a trend I already experienced  in and outside the US .
Small World , maybe, the experiences of every human are limited, I don´t claim that I´m an exception. And by the way I know – more or less good – more white people than black people .
Maybe that´s the reason why I´m not a fan of this kind of matching.
So tell me what´s the common cultural ground of both and what should be (culturally spoken) so interesting about him?
Maybe my conceivabilities of matchings are more inspired by (culturally spoken) “clan-thinking” than of a kind of thinking that you relate to the “free world” . Your right I got a perspective which differs from yours. Why do YOU care ?
Junior high school means 11-14 years old right ? Maybe I´m to conservative but that´s no age of partnership in my eyes !!!
I conced – by further reading – that I sound too blue at this topic. In fact I feel too blue all the time since junior high school times.
Especially when I´m thinking at women with who ( the word which sound a little bit too materialistic ) I want to “mix” ( not culturally meant) with ( those are – in my perspective – non-whites).
Anyway , in 3 days I will “publish” another comment at this blog  after …..

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