Serena Williams Says Common ‘Didn’t Want the Responsibility’ of a Relationship

Published by Dior Noir on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 at 3:00 pm.

Serena Williams may not have been very vocal about her two-year relationship with Common, but now that it’s over she’s opening up. The Wimbledon champ blamed the breakup on their busy schedules in an interview in July’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

“His schedule is actually worse than mine,” she sighed. “He didn’t want the responsibility. It’s really tough.”

When the couple broke up in April, Common was busy promoting his latest film, Just Wright, and praised Serena during interviews. “Beautiful, intelligent woman, fun and spiritual woman. I think she’s an incredible person,” he described her to Access Hollywood. The comments puzzled Serena. “I called him and I was like, Why are you saying all this stuff when we’re not together?” she said.

It doesn’t always have to end in ugly words and drama!


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christian Said on


Andrew Shawe Said on

I just want to know where do I sign up to be the next “Man in the Mirror” for Serena.

Shaah Said on

um i’m sorry but black women often catch hella slack for having “attitudes” and her actions play right into this. Ok the relationship ended but he didnt throw her under the bus, he didnt have any sideway comments he kept it very gentleman like. he said nothing but great things about her….so why did she feel the need to call and ask WHY? if anything she should have been calling to say THANK YOU!

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